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Real-world success stories

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See how Eaton is helping customers power data centers to safeguard information. Intensify energy exploration. Energize efficient buildings. Automate manufacturing. And create a more reliable grid. Come explore the beyond with Eaton.

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The trends that drive innovation

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The Power of Eaton

Megatrends, like the ever-increasing cost of energy, profoundly affect our customers. And they bring drive and urgency to our work as Eaton finds innovative ways to always use power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

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Energizing your business.

All around the world, businesses have new mandates: to manage energy consumption more efficiently, to increase uptime and lower costs, to improve sustainability, and to keep equipment, data and people safer. At Eaton, these challenges are our challenges. They are our inspiration. And they are what drives each of our employees and every one of our businesses.

Today we're helping solve our customers' most critical power management challenges with a broader, stronger portfolio and new perspectives gained from our growing market capabilities. From lighting to utility-grade power solutions, fusible circuit protection to life safety and notification, structural support to wiring devices and controls.

We've expanded our product lines and expanded our thinking — drawing upon more than 100 years of electrical power management expertise, innovative product design and advanced manufacturing processes — to help energize your business.


Eaton's electrical expertise — spanning new capabilities and driving innovation

Our experience across the electrical sector helps makes power management more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable around the world. Explore our innovation stories to see just some of the many ways that Eaton engineers are uncovering new opportunities, from the smart grid to the production line to our homes, offices and beyond.

Lighting solutions


What if LEDs took design flexibility to an entirely new plane?

WaveStream technology uses advanced optical prisms to transform LED light into beautiful new shapes and design possibilities for architectural lighting design.

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Life safety & mass notification

Life Safety

What if one button made sure you never had to think twice in a crisis?

ALERiTY unifies in-building, wide-area and distributed-recipient mass notification systems into a holistic, scalable and easy-to-use web-based platform.

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What if your bottom line got brighter just by changing a light fixture?

Crompack LED battens maximize light quality and optimize cost to help businesses save money and reduce their carbon footprint by replacing one of industry's most common lighting fixtures.

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Micropoint 2

What if a better path to safety started with a better emergency LED?

Micropoint 2 LED combines highly engineered optics with low-profile design to maximize lumen output and provide ideal emergency escape path lighting—without intruding on beautiful architectural aesthetics.

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What if a light fixture could make an entire building smarter?

Today, Eaton combines advanced sensors, LED technology and addressable controls to turn light fixtures into smart devices—improving energy efficiency, user experiences and enabling smarter, more connected buildings.

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Utility-grade power solutions


What if transformer capacity increased as fast as the demand for electricity?

Cooper Power series PEAK Fluid Filled transformers uses biodegradable diaelctric fluid and optimized core and coil design to meet spikes in electricity demand, while improving lifetime performance.

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Structural support


What if four sides gave you endless structural support options?

B-Line series 4Dimension strut system re-imagines subsystem infrastructure design with an innovative new strut and turn-and-lock accessories that can cut materials and installation costs in half.

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Fusible circuit protection


What if a fuse gave engineers 70% more room to think?

Bussmann series CUBEFuse is helping make increasingly intelligent and complex system designs possible with innovative fusible circuit protection in a 70% smaller package.

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Harsh and hazardous environments


What if a VFD never lost its cool, even in hazardous environments?

The innovative enclosure system of our Crouse-Hinds series ACE Explosionproof VFD helps put intelligent process management to work – even in the most demanding and hazardous environments.

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Retrofit LED

What if a retrofit LED made hazardous environments a bit less hazardous?

Eaton's explosion-protected eLLK 92 LED converts fluorescent light fittings into LED luminaires—bringing increased safety, convenience and energy efficiency to harsh, hazardous environments.

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What if you could increase hazardous area safety without ever increasing weight?

The Sonix platform is the most efficient, compact and secure public address general alarm, helping oil and gas manufacturers and mining companies reduce cost, space and weight—while never compromising safety.

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Wiring devices


What if charging a smart device required a little less thought?

USB receptacle show that sometimes big innovations are incredibly simple by reinventing the wall receptacle with USB charging capabilities built right in.

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