An Integrated Approach

Diversity by itself is not an adequate objective, because it becomes an incredible source of strength only when it is empowered by a culture of inclusion. At Eaton, we refer to “inclusion & diversity” in that order. Inclusion is what allows us to harness the full power of the people within our diverse global teams.

The Eaton Business System (EBS) is how we run our enterprise as an integrated operating company and it is our source of competitive advantage.  Through EBS we are able to operate in a common way, speaking the same “language” across globally diverse regions, markets and businesses. And, EBS ensures that we have a single vision, a values-based culture and a shared philosophy that fosters inclusion and diversity. With EBS as how we work, we unite the power of many into the Power of One.

Universal Applications

Inclusion and diversity is embedded in leadership development programs, selection and assessment criteria, and cultural agility tools. Our objective is that every employee will demonstrate our values-based culture and awareness on the job, during international travel and in the communities where we operate around the world.

Culture and Values    Visit our Eaton Business System (EBS) page to learn more about Eaton's integrated operating philosophy.