Board Diversity

For the benefit of customers around the globe, Eaton leverages the rich range of perspectives found across our extraordinarily diverse organization. The effort involves more than 100,000 employees and the highest levels of leadership, including our Board of Directors. The company’s pledge to be inclusive in its business practices and within its work environments begins with the Board members who jointly oversee all corporate activities and targets.

Professionals of differing age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background and experience bring unique viewpoints to their governance work. In 2014, individuals representing diverse groups formed 25 percent of the Board’s membership.

Policies and Practices

The Board of Directors and CEO collaboratively establish diversity goals and monitor progress company-wide.  Objectives and achievements are communicated through the performance management system and internal leaders.

  • Board Diversity – The Governance Committee looks for people with very specific qualifications to ensure that the Board as a whole is as diverse as the company itself.

  • Strategic Plan – Objectives for global growth, innovation, operational excellence and organizational capability will be met by accessing the diverse pool of available talent and promoting an inclusive environment to retain existing personnel.

  • Reporting & Review – Twice each year, company leaders report to the Board updated employee demographics and progress made toward inclusion and diversity goals.

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