The Business Imperative

Eaton’s reputation for innovative solutions and products that exceed customers’ expectations relies on a skilled global team. By fully appreciating each person’s unique qualities, we continuously learn from one another, encourage ingenuity and find answers together. The result is a powerful advantage that sets us apart from competitors, adds value to our business and optimizes team performance.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is aligned with Eaton’s core values and business objectives and centers on four areas:

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Inclusive behaviors
help attract, retain, and advance great talent needed to fuel growth.
Inclusive behaviors
enable all employees
to fully contribute their unique skills and capabilities to
achieve their highest potential and optimize
business results.
Inclusive behaviors accelerate the
process of becoming a truly global enterprise
that can win in all
Inclusive behaviors improve the ability to cultivate and utilize different backgrounds, perspectives, and
ways of thinking to
create better processes, product and service solutions.

Different Approaches, One Goal
No single program or template can address the subtle variations of how each region of the world views the concepts of inclusion and diversity. For maximum effectiveness, our programs and strategies must consider critical regional perspectives.

At Eaton, four regional Inclusion Councils guide our efforts to ensure relevance and impact wherever we do business. The Global Inclusion Council directs multiple initiatives and activities to sustain a culture respectful of every individual.