About the EEIC

The Innovation Center
Eaton’s presence in the Czech Republic dates from 1993 and today, 1,700 people across 3 main sites work at Eaton: Prague, Suchdol nad Luznici & Chomutov. With this fourth location in the country, the number of employees is likely to reach 2,000 shortly. Be part of this new venture and come here with us to enjoy a very dynamic environment and be part of a strong community sharing values that are important for Eaton: People, Trust, Respect, Dignity, Integrity & Customer Orientation.

By establishing an Engineering Campus in Europe supporting both business sectors, Electrical & Industrial, Eaton is looking at:

  • providing R&D work in selected technology areas
  • participating and supporting Global Platform Projects
  • having capability to adapt global platforms to local needs (localization engineering)
  • developing and designing regional products and accessories
  • being a resource for existing engineering groups, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) , Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • providing Value analysis/Value engineering (VA/VE) and sustaining engineering support for selected product lines

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The Challenges
We know that in order to make it interesting, there must be a meaning to what you do, every day, when going to work. We think that the following challenges can be meaningful if you are concerned, like us, by long-term development and the future of the planet.

By 2050, global energy demand will double (source: IEA 450 plan)  however, to limit global temperature rises; we need to look at potential reductions of CO2 emissions.

At Eaton, we offer you to help our customers meet the energy efficiency challenge by:

  • Building more energy-efficient buildings, communities & infrastructure
  • Accelerating the development of renewable energy technologies
  • Powering mobile and stationery equipment more productively and safely, while reducing their environmental impact
  • Designing eco-efficient aircraft that reduce fuel consumption and operating costs
  • Improving fuel economy and reducing emissions in autos, trucks and other essential forms of transportation

The Focus Area
What happens when suddenly, in the middle of a surgery, there is a complete blackout?
What is needed to produce pulse-pounding horsepower while still conserving energy?
How do we ensure full control of a football-size airplane in flight?
What can make a 60-ton truck drive easily?

Your knowledge and innovation capabilities are crucial to the successful development of many different applications. Depending on your qualifications and interests, you will be exposed to software applications development, systems engineering, power electronics, digital signal processing and controls in six different areas:

  • vehicle powertrain
  • industrial automation
  • power distribution
  • hydraulics
  • electronics
  • IT power open source

In those areas, Eaton is bringing together under one roof a team of renowned experts with different backgrounds to help meeting tomorrow’s challenges. But not only as this new center in Prague is Eaton’s 5th Innovation center in the world which means you will be part of a worldwide network of experts working on stimulating challenges.

Learn more about the various technologies & roles by exploring Technology Areas.

The Local Partnerships
At Eaton, we believe in strong community involvement and the importance of local partnership. That is why local universities such as the Czech Technical University are considered as key partners in the pursuit of our objectives: be the leader in the development of products, systems and services that support a sustainable future.

  • Partnerships with University of Technology in Brno (VUT) and the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT)
  • Partners with several secondary schools on project International Emissions Trading 2 (IET2) 
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