Living & Working in Prague

Prague offers an enriching experience to whoever takes the time to discover its culture, historical background and its people. Find here plenty of information about the city, its offers, and its activities and if you are not already established in the country, you can learn about the resources available in English to people willing to relocate to the city. The Innovation Center is located in the extraordinary city of Prague, recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage list and offers exciting opportunities to live enriching experiences. Click here to learn more about Prague and the Czech Republic.

Eaton has selected the newest Science & Technology park in the Czech Republic to establish its Innovation Center. This will offer you an excellent environment to perform your work and to have access to state of the art technologies and other useful resources.

Eaton’s long-term presence in the country and the opportunity to partner with various entities: universities, local & national governments, research bodies are all good reasons for this selection.

In the suburbs of Prague, Roztoky is a location that offers multiple advantages as it is well connected by public transportation and is located only 20 minutes from Prague’s international airport, 30 minutes from the city center and 15 minutes from the Czech Technical University.

As the European Innovation Center for Eaton, people with different backgrounds and origins will work altogether under the same roof. This means that for some of them, relocating to Prague was necessary. Eaton will do its best to facilitate that transition if you decide to join us in Prague. Here are some interesting links which will provide you with basic details. Of course, we will offer you a personalized support at the moment of the transition.

Sources and Further Information on Prague