Truck Component Operations

EDI Documents
Use the following EDI Documents:

  • 830 Version 4010
  • 862 Version 4010
  • 856 Version 4010
  • 997 Version 4010
  • DELFOR Version 97A

DUNS Numbers 021035092 is to be used in the ISA/UNB record
DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) numbers are assigned to each of our facilities to differentiate shipping addresses. DUNS Plus numbers will be assigned to our service facilities to differentiate releases to different organizations, usually service and production, with the same ship-to address. These unique identifiers are comprised of the number used for the production facility with the addition of the suffix "SRV". The "....SRV" numbers should be used ONLY for determining the ship-to address for a purchase order release. Do not use the DUNS plus numbers for invoicing or correspondence.

GS Record EDI Codes
The following are the codes for each facility to be used in the GS record:

  • 045505187
  • 045505187SRV (Shelbyville, TN)
  • 055079131
  • 055079131SRV (Shenandoah, IA)
  • 074499419
  • 074499419SRV (King's Mountain, NC)
  • 086978785
  • 086978785SRV (Galesburg, MI (Automated Products))
  • 091897939

Eaton c/o TNT Logistics
Building 128, Park 100 Business Park
7365 Winton Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46268

  • 802734228 (Kalamazoo, MI)
  • 812560787 (San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
  • 68639642  (Galesburg, MI (VORAD))
  • 956894069
  • 956894069SRV (Greenfield, IN)

Location of the DUNS number in the EDI set
The DUNS number will be in the ship-to address in the N1 segment, coded "ST".

Differences between the Planning and Shipping Schedules
Eaton TCO planning schedules (830) will aggregate firm and forecasted demand into past due, weekly and monthly buckets. Bucketing can result in firm orders   combined into a single quantity on a discrete date with only one set of PO-Line-release-shipment data.

ASN Processing
When constructing ASN's, you must reflect back the numbers used in the ISA, GS and N1 records exactly as they are sent. If you were an EDI supplier to Eaton TCO prior to August 1998, the GS & N1 values were the same. After August 1998, the N1 number MAY be different if you ship service orders to the same location that you ship production orders. Please ensure that your software does not populate both the GS and N1 values on ASN's from one number on the schedule.

For More Information

After reviewing these guidelines with your EDI provider, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

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