Electronic Data Interchange

General information about doing EDI with Eaton Corporation.

Eaton's EDI specification documentation
Detailed technical information on Eaton's implementation of the ANSI X-12 and EDIFACT standards. Note: Some older EDI documents exist, so be sure and check with the specific business unit you supply on which version(s) they support.

Communication Options
View the many communication options available to suppliers doing EDI with Eaton.

Eaton's EDI Legal Agreement
This legal agreement is to be accepted before all paper documents are discontinued between the supplier and Eaton. The supplier will be contacted when it is deemed necessary by Eaton.

Eaton's EDI Trading Partner set-up form
Online form used to request EDI connectivitiy with Eaton.

Operation EDI Program Information
The following Eaton divisions have EDI programs. Specific contacts for each and any unique business requirements can be found below:

Powertrain & Specialty Controls Operations
Clutch Division 
Electrical Group
Engine Air Management Operations
Hydraulics Group
Financial Services Center
Truck Component Operations

Contact Us
Contact our EDI team for information not listed.