Ethics and Compliance at Eaton

Our Mission
Ensuring that Eaton's ethics and values are integrated into its business practices on a consistent basis around the world.

Who We Are
To demonstrate that Eaton’s ethics standards are both current and at the highest level, Eaton established an office to oversee and manage its ethics and compliance program. The office is under the direction of the Senior Vice President, Global Ethics and Compliance, with ultimate oversight by the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors.

Responsibilities of the Office
  • Supporting managers in delivering effective, relevant and thoughtful ethics training and communications to employees;
  • Providing and overseeing compliance training and communications;
  • Regularly assessing and prioritizing risks of noncompliance with laws and Eaton policies and monitoring activities to control these risks;
  • Monitoring and auditing the ethics and compliance program and periodically evaluating the effectiveness of the program;
  • Managing and tracking ethics and compliance issues and reporting on key metrics;
  • Offering guidance around emerging issues and priorities;
  • Providing anonymous and confidential reporting channels for employees and third parties to raise concerns and to report misconduct and violations of law, policies or the Code of Ethics;
  • Managing reports through the Help Line;
  • Overseeing ethics investigation and modifying the ethics and compliance program as necessary; and
  • Meeting regularly with the Audit and Governance Committees of the Board of Directors to report on ethics and compliance issues and the status of the program.