Eaton And Schneider Electric Present At NUPIC Annual Vendor Meeting In St. Louis

Date: July 21, 2009

Eaton Corporation recently participated in the 18th Annual Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) Vendor Meeting in St. Louis, Mo. on June 17-18 to increase awareness of the dangers of counterfeit products and the economic impact of sub-standard goods, which cost companies and economies billions of dollars annually.

During a breakout session, Tom Grace, anti-counterfeiting manager, Eaton’s Electrical Sector, delivered a presentation titled, “We All Have a Role: Counterfeit Awareness.” Tracy Garner of Schneider Electric also presented during this session. Grace and Garner provided attendees – nearly 300 suppliers and vendors to the nuclear power generation industry – with an overview of the current market impact of counterfeit products, the need for authentication, as well as  Eaton and Schneider’s actions to thwart counterfeit electrical products.

“Counterfeiting threatens the jobs and safety of employees and customers around the globe,” said Grace. “We collaborated with Schneider Electric to share vendor perspectives on counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect materials. Significant legal and financial risks exist when you lose the ability to authenticate. Eaton is doing its part to protect customers and brands with ongoing investments in anti-counterfeiting technologies and programs.”

A key challenge proposed at this year’s vendor meeting was for utilities to provide more adequate oversight and not be afraid to provide feedback and criticize themselves. In the presentation, Grace encouraged attendees to, whenever possible, purchase from an authorized distributor.

Formed in 1989 and represented by all domestic and several international nuclear utilities operating nuclear power plants, NUPIC provides a cost and quality-effective program for the evaluation of suppliers furnishing safety related items and services to the industry. NUPIC joint audits and surveys are performed utilizing an industry-wide standardized approach. Through the cooperative effort of the NUPIC members, significant benefits are realized, not only by its members, but the entire nuclear industry.

Tom Grace