Eaton Announces Participation At IBM Pulse 2010

Date: February 17, 2010

Eaton Corporation today announced its participation in the 2010 IBM Pulse Conference in Las Vegas Feb. 21-24. Patrick Giangrosso, director of global accounts for Eaton Electrical, will share with attendees how the emerging model of data center design and operation can help reduce the economic and environmental impact of the data center and how Eaton and IBM have integrated data from power and cooling systems into IBM Tivoli energy and asset management software to promote a synergistic relationship between an organization’s Information Technology (IT) and facility strategies.

“Gartner Research predicts that many data centers, including 87% of those built before 2001, are at risk of outstripping their capacity to power and cool IT systems,” said Giangrosso. “IBM and Eaton have collaborated to redefine data centers to be more modular, more energy-efficient and more intelligent and this session will provide data center managers with the strategies they need to minimize risk, accurately allocate costs and better manage their data center’s carbon footprint.”

IBM Tivoli® Monitoring for Energy Management combined with the facilities and environmental capabilities delivered by Eaton’s Power Xpert® Software, Foreseer Class helps customers control power consumption in their data centers to increase energy efficiency.

Eaton will host a booth where the highly-efficient and modular “Smart Data Center” will be demonstrated using Eaton racks, Rack Power Modules, ePDUs, BladeUPS, LCP plus in-row cooling unit and three IBM servers. Leveraging this equipment and adding IBM Tivoli software enables data center managers to link IT assets, data center infrastructure and facilities assets to increase visibility into power consumption in alignment with business services, enable better control and use of existing resources, and manage energy in holistic context.

Implementing IBM Tivoli and Eaton Power Xpert offers organizations a solution to proactively analyze their energy use to identify ways to operate more efficiently, lowering their costs while reducing carbon footprint and increasing their data center’s capacity. The Eaton Power Xpert agent enables Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management to produce reports that identify ways to improve energy efficiency along with data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) and power usage effectiveness (PUE) metrics.

Based on real implementations, the combined Tivoli software and Eaton Power Xpert solution can help reduce risk of downtime, increase visibility into power consumption, provide insight into ways to save energy and manage growth and protect critical equipment through visibility into the location and capacity of loads.

For a video overview of IBM’s Tivoli and Eaton’s Forseer, visit . For additional information about Eaton Foreseer and IBM Tivoli, please visit .

Mark Horner