Eaton Employee Support for World Environment Day Is Year-Round; Sustainability Initiatives Reduce Energy Use, Support Local Communities

Date: June 7, 2010

CLEVELAND … Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today shared some of the contributions its employees worldwide are making to continue improving the environment in recognition of World Environment Day, which was June 5. Eaton employees from around the world are implementing initiatives to sustain their communities and the environment.

“As Eaton employees celebrated World Environment Day, we thank them and appreciate their initiatives to reduce their environmental footprints,” said Joseph L. Wolfsberger, senior vice president - Environment, Health and Safety. “Protecting and improving the environment are among Eaton’s highest priorities as a company, and our employees have gone above and beyond compliance.”

Individual facilities around the world are conserving energy and water through a series of improvements to daily operations. Following are just a few examples:

  • In Brazil and the Dominican Republic, where the climate allows, Eaton plants are collecting and recycling rain water for use in the facilities. Another initiative is reusing condensed water from air-conditioning units to water grass and plants in the yards. Also, Eaton’s plant in Gummersbach, Germany, is using recycled water to cool machines. 
  • To save energy, Eaton facilities across the world from Los Angeles to the Netherlands are replacing conventional lightning with LED lighting and installing motion sensors in traffic areas. Employees are taking special care to make sure windows are properly sealed and laminated with ultraviolet coatings to prevent energy loss.
  • Eaton employees in India and other countries are planting hundreds of trees and acres of grass and wild flowers to improve the environment and promote wildlife habitat across the globe. The Airdrie plant in Alberta, Canada, is building a garden on its property to grow vegetables, which it donates to the local food bank.
  • Eaton’s teams are also volunteering in their local communities. Many teams, along with family and friends, are participating in Adopt-a-Highway programs to help clean up America’s highways. Other teams are cleaning up the beaches and rivers in their communities. Employees at the Marshall Proving Grounds in Michigan taught area students the importance of environmental conservation during the local Earth Day Festival.  The Reddings Lane facility in Birmingham, U.K. donated money and time to renovate the landscape and garden at the local library.
  • Teams are using Eaton’s intranet to discuss initiatives and learn more about reducing their environmental footprints. The Hengelo facility in the Netherlands held a contest asking employees to present their best ideas of ways to reduce waste. The facility intends to implement the winning ideas: solar cells to harvest energy to assist in powering the facility, energy-efficient lighting and a new recycling procedure.
  • Eaton facilities are exceeding expectations when it comes to recycling. Programs to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and cardboard have been in place, but Eaton plants are now making an extra effort to recycle cell phones and other electronics, CDs, batteries, ink cartridges and wood. The Shenandoah plant in Iowa has partnered with Northwest Missouri State University to recycle all of the plant’s wood waste, which will be used to fuel the school’s boiler. 
  • In an effort to make the cafeteria more eco-friendly, the company’s World Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio installed a new sorting station to separate recyclable materials from trash and purchased reusable plastic trays to reduce waste. Other locations have replaced all cafeteria containers and utensils with supplies made of biodegradable materials. The Deerfield Beach facility in Florida is sending all food waste and coffee grounds to an organic composting center to be recycled. Similarly, the Fayetteville plant in North Carolina is collecting cooking oils that are then recycled by a local facility that produces animal food.
  • Management of Eaton’s Sârbi facility in Romania declared June 5 “bike day.” No personal or company cars were allowed on the grounds. Employees walked, biked or used public transportation to get to work to reduce emissions.

“All of these initiatives support the mission of World Environment Day - to be the biggest, most widely celebrated, global day for positive, environmental action,” Wolfsberger said.
“Eaton and its employees not only celebrated on June 5, we will continue our efforts all year long with new initiatives and by practicing sustainable power management.”

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