Eaton Expands SmartWire-DT Connectivity Options to Enhance Panel Wiring Efficiency and Reliability

Date: July 8, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA — Power management company Eaton today announced it is introducing SmartWire-DT® IP67 Machine Mount I/O into the North American, European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. These components extend an existing SmartWire-DT product portfolio designed to reduce panel wiring complexity, improve machine reliability and uptime, save wiring and device installation time, and reduce panel space by connecting devices in the panel and around the machine using only a single cable.

Transforming the way Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) build control panels and wire machines, the solution replaces bundles of wires and cables found in traditional machine constructions with a single cable, connecting motor control components such as contactors, pushbuttons, variable frequency drives, soft starters, stacklights, sensors, valves and other actuators to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

“Eaton is committed to providing innovative solutions that improve customers’ businesses by improving system reliability and efficiency,” said Matt Simms, product line manager, Control and Power Conversion Division, Eaton. “For many years, the SmartWire-DT system addressed critical concerns for panel builders by eliminating the time needed to cut, strip, mark, bundle, and check numerous individual wires, dramatically reducing the wiring effort required to build control panels.”

Innovative new IP67 Machine Mount I/O components complement the original in-panel SmartWire-DT products to extend the reach of the system and create a simple wiring system for an entire machine, both inside and outside the control cabinet.

SmartWire-DT from Eaton was originally engineered to reduce panel wiring complexity and assembly labor time, speed the start-up and commissioning of machinery, and provide extensive run-time diagnostics during machine operation and troubleshooting. SmartWire-DT has traditionally been optimized for this in-panel use, linking in a simple and trouble-free way many of the standard motor control components found within a control panel.

Additionally, the capability of the SmartWire-DT system enables devices with advanced intelligence to communicate additional performance and diagnostic information for use in the machine’s logic control. Eaton’s SmartWire-DT flat cable connections help safeguard against unauthorized wiring changes to protect the craftsmanship and integrity of the control panel.

Eaton’s new SmartWire-DT IP67 Machine Mount I/O modules are designed to extend these features and benefits outside a machine control panel and onto the machine itself. At the panel wall, the innovative SmartWire-DT wiring system transitions from the standard 8-conductor flat cable used for in-cabinet wiring to a 5-conductor round cable with standard DC M12 barrel connectors suitable for wiring around a machine.

Digital machine-mountable modules are automatically addressed on the SmartWire-DT network and can be connected anywhere around the machine with the single SmartWire-DT cable carrying both power and communications signals. This allows standard digital 24 Volt direct current (DC) command and control devices including sensors, valves, remote pushbuttons, pilot lights, stacklights and other components mounted anywhere on a machine to be connected to the SmartWire-DT system.

A single SmartWire-DT branch can extend up to 2,000 feet and connect up to 99 devices. The SmartWire-DT round cable outside the machine control panel is rated to carry up to 4 amperes (A) at 24 VDC, and the system includes both in-cabinet and IP67 power feed modules that allow additional sources of DC power to be added to the network in any location when and where necessary based on the power demands of connected devieces. For machine wiring requirements that extend beyond the stated network length or device limits, additional SmartWire-DT branches can be added in the main control cabinet simply by adding one communication gateway for each additional branch that is required.

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