Eaton High Pressure Ducting System Helps AVIC's New MA700 Regional Turboprop Aircraft Improve Performance, Reduce Costs

Date: 6/16/2016

IRVINE, Calif. …Power management company Eaton has signed a letter of intent with AVIC Aircraft Company Ltd. Xi'an Branch to supply the High Pressure Ducting System for the MA700 regional turboprop aircraft. In addition to designing and manufacturing customized components, Eaton will provide engineering, development and support certification services for the system.

"Eaton's leadership in conveyance system technologies allowed us to begin making significant contributions in the early stages of AVIC's aircraft development program," said Benjamin Yiu, general manager, Eaton's Aerospace Group, Asia Pacific. "Eaton's ability to integrate customized solutions using proven technology and mature products helps customers improve operational performance while reducing costs."

The newly designed MA700 will feature many of the industry's most advanced technologies and will be the world's first turboprop aircraft to use an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system. It also will help lower operational and maintenance costs and boost eco-friendly performance.

Eaton's metallic ducts are manufactured from three materials ― stainless steel, titanium and Inconel ― to optimize weight savings while providing the durability required for high-pressure, high-temperature environments.

To learn more about Eaton's aircraft air ducting systems, click here.

In the aerospace industry, Eaton is a leading supplier of products and technologies for hydraulic systems, fuel and inerting systems, motion control and conveyance systems. Eaton's portfolio includes hydraulic engine-driven and electro-hydraulic pumps, control and storage equipment, distribution components and motors; engine and airframe fuel pumps, fuel-control valves, aerial- and ground-fueling equipment, lightning protection devices, and fuel-gauging and fuel-inerting systems; electrical generators, secondary flight-control actuators, door and utility actuators, and nose wheel steering and actuation-control systems; air-distribution products, pressure sensors, static and dynamic seals, and fluid-health monitoring products and systems; and aftermarket service and support. Eaton serves commercial and military aerospace, marine, and defense markets worldwide.

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