Eaton’s New Synflex DIN/ISO Air Brake and Fuel Tubing Offers Increased Performance for Truck, Bus and Trailer Applications

Date: 9/25/2016

MORGES, SWITZERLAND … Power management company Eaton has launched its new Synflex DIN/ISO air brake and fuel tubing made from material which withstandselevated pressure, high flexibility and wider temperature, and is ideal for truck, bus and trailer air brake and fuel applications.

Synflex airbrake and fuel tubing products are made from 100 % virgin polyamide PHLY thermoplastic material. The material, along with Eaton’s global manufacturing capability, provides uninterrupted supply and global availability, as well as price stability, for customers.

“Eaton recognises that vehicle manufacturers need fluid conveyance components they can trust to be safe,” said Johannes Kammerlohr, product manager, Fluid Conveyance, Hydraulics – EMEA. “Over the years, we’ve set the standard for air brake and fuel tubing innovation. Now, we’re using the latest technology to raise the bar. Our new Synflex DIN/ISO air brake and fuel tubing products are the next step in performance, price competitiveness and availability.”

The tubing meets or exceeds DIN and ISO performance requirements, including DIN 73378, DIN 74324-1 and ISO 7628. It also meets more stringent OEM customer requirements.

The single wall extrusion of the polyamide thermoplastic material results in a smooth and seamless monowall tubing with a core free from obstruction or foreign materials.

The tubing is also:

- Designed to operate in a temperature range of -40 °C to 100 °C (-40 °F to 212 °F).
- Designed to operate at a maximum working pressure of 12.5 bar (181 psi).
- Resistant to effects from gasoline, diesel fuel, methyl alcohol and zinc chloride (compounds usually present in the operating environment of a vehicle).

The tubes are manufactured with many different coloured stripes with optimum UV performance, to allow colour-coding of an air or fuel system on a vehicle (an aid in assembly and trouble-shooting). Standard colours include: black, red, yellow, green, blue and natural. Custom colours are available on request.

In addition to the single-wall tubing Eaton offers innovative multilayer Polyamide Tubes using proprietary thermoplastic material for air brake and fuel applications. 

“With our wide experience of multilayer design in accordance with SAE and DOT standards, we developed two different multilayer designs to DIN and ISO standards: a 3-layer design which demonstrates outstanding performance in media and temperature resistance; and a 2-layer design, which ideally suits air brake applications,” said Johannes Kammerlohr, product manager, Fluid Conveyance, Hydraulics-EMEA

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