Continental Biomass Industries

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI)

Eaton helps CBI deliver unsurpassed quality and durability in extreme environments

“Putting safety factors first, and wanting the longest life out of each hose, the Eaton Aeroquip Bruiser and Triple Crown hose tops our list for looks, durability, and reduction in customer downtime.”

Bert LaFlamme
Supervisor, Hydraulic Department, CBI


For more than two decades, Continental Biomass Industries, Inc. (CBI) has engineered the most productive grinding, chipping and shredding solutions that Fuel the Future™ of the environment and the diverse businesses it serves. With each new development, the CBI team in southern New Hampshire responds to global customer needs with highly engineered equipment that performs tough duty and withstands the harshest environments.

CBI’s portfolio includes portable wood grinders and chippers that turn logs, forestry debris and wood waste into biofuel, mulch and other sustainable products. CBI also designs and manufactures custom-built stationary systems for complete recycling of construction and demolition (C&D) waste and for the production of refuse derived fuel (RDF). CBI advancements have optimized grinding, chipping, shredding, shock loads and flailing so operations that recover, process and recycle biomass material are profitable and environmentally responsible.

The equipment that CBI develops requires technical skill, expertise and technology to provide a rugged solution that balances environmental impact and need. CBI is supported by Omni Services, a leading hose, connectors and accessories distributor in the northeast United States. Omni serves as the company’s supply channel, providing customized products, and inventory planning to ensure CBI achieves its design and performance goals. Omni relies on Eaton for products, technical qualification, support systems and service.


CBI designs equipment that resists the intensity of the most extreme working conditions—from smoldering heat in South America and Australia to the frigid Norwegian and Canadian Arctic winters. It becomes clear what’s required of the machines in terms of durability and performance in order to chew through construction and demolition waste and forestry debris in these environmental extremes.

Recycling and debris processing companies also need customized equipment as well as the right match for safety and uptime requirements. To maintain machines while achieving the expected duty cycle is essential. It’s a simple equation: If equipment goes down, the customer loses money. To ensure its customers experience both uptime and powerful performance, CBI needed to incorporate the industry’s best hoses and motors in its machinery.


Working closely with Omni, CBI took the time to research and identify the right hoses and motors for their designs, equipment and customers. At the top of their list of requirements are safety, reputation, quality and longevity of the product. Eaton’s motors, Aeroquip Bruiser and Triple Crown hoses fit the bill.

“We take great pride in every unit we make holding our equipment and technology to high standards,” said Bert LaFlamme, supervisor of the Hydraulic Department at CBI. “Putting safety factors first, and wanting the longest life out of each hose, the Eaton Aeroquip Bruiser and Triple Crown hose tops our list for looks, durability, and reduction in customer downtime.”

The Aeroquip Bruiser features the highest level of abrasion resistance, manufactured with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene outer covering, giving it a slick and shiny appearance. Designed to work where hydraulic hoses are subject to constant extreme temperatures, abuse and abrasion, the Triple Crown and Bruiser hoses feature materials that help reduce downtime by preventing abrasion-related hose failures, promote faster installation and routing, as well as lower installation time and costs.


Since implementing Eaton’s hose assemblies and motors, CBI offers its customers machinery tailored to their operations. The machinery now stands up to excessive force and wear in the work it performs and to nature’s extremes. Eaton’s solutions are credited with helping keep the machines running for thousands of hours. In fact, CBI staff report that they often see machines operating with the original hoses, giving the CBI brand and its machines a reputation for outlasting its competitors.

“Eaton strives to provide top-of-the-line solutions to help customers design and build reliable, efficient and cost-effective machinery,” said Ron Akers, area sales manager for Eaton. “We know that uptime is critical to keep businesses running and operating profitably; our goal is to support Omni and CBI as they build upon their reputation for durable and reliable products that outlast the competition.”