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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a vitally important passageway for all navigation between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Since its opening in 1914, more than 900,000 ships have passed through the canal. Since 2004, Eaton's Hydraulics business has been working on a $13-million project to upgrade the canal’s water-flow control system. The five-year project will boost the canal’s transit capacity by approximately 20 percent, and marks the largest Industrial systems contract ever awarded to Eaton.

Water levels in the locks are controlled by a complex system of culverts and rising stem valves. To modernize mechanisms dating back 90 years, Eaton's Hydraulics business supplied 116 new systems fashioned from custom-designed Eaton products. In addition to supplying components, Eaton is supervising their installation as well, a job that included removing old equipment and welding new components to unknown materials that were nearly a century old.

From proposal through installation, the ingenuity of the entire Eaton project team is credited with getting the job done. Eaton products being successfully utilized in the project include Vickers custom stainless steel power units, Eaton custom Hydrowa cylinders, Custom steel-control manifolds, consisting of Vickers slip-in cartridge valves and proportional valves, and Vickers contamination control products. These Eaton components ensure that the historic Panama Canal will offer smoother sailing for years to come.