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Eaton Goes The Extra Mile For Vac-Con, Inc.

“They listened to what we wanted, they gave us what we needed, and they delivered it when they said they would. What more could you ask for?”

Tom Armstrong
Engineering Manager, Vac-Con, Inc.


Vac-Con is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of sewer cleaning equipment, and their Combination Sewer Cleaning Machines are their most popular products. The machines combine a highpressure waterjet sewer pipe cleaning system with a vacuum system to remove the accumulated “product” from the sewer systems.

Both the high-pressure water pump and Vac-Con’s high performance fan (the only fan in the industry that can vacuum underwater) or positive displacement blower for the vacuum system are powered by engine-driven hydrostatic pumps. Vac-Con introduced the concept of a closed-loop hydrostatic drive system to the industry to eliminate the inefficient, maintenance-prone mechanical drives that are still used on many competitive products.


Vac-Con had used a competitive pump for more than 17 years when they were invited to participate in an Eaton pump development program. The resulting pump, an early prototype of the 760 Series optimized for Vac-Con’s application, performed significantly better than the competitive pump, but it was not then available as a production item.

Three years later when Vac- Con’s traditional supplier could not provide pumps to support Vac-Con’s production; Tom Armstrong contacted Eaton to inquire about purchasing the prototype pump they had tested.


Eaton and the local distributor, Hydraulic Supply Company of Jacksonville, FL., worked together to expedite production of the required pumps to meet Vac-Con’s needs. The first production 760 series pump was delivered to Vac-Con within two months of the order being placed.


To date, Vac-Con has installed more than 40 Eaton 760 Series pumps on its Combination Sewer Cleaning Machines, In addition, Vac-Con has recently installed a larger displacement 760 pump on upgraded machines which allows the engine to run at slower speeds, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The 160cc3/r hydrostatic pumps are built on the same platform as the 130cc3/r units, which makes upgrading much easier, because the mounting and connection interface is the same.

Vac-Con also uses Eaton’s Vicker’s vane-type pumps, bent axis motors and custom manifold packages on its Combination Sewer Cleaning Machines to power the systems that dump the debris tank, power the booms and hose reels, and other functions on the truck.

“I’ve recommended the 760 and other Eaton products to several of my associates who use hydrostatic pumps. That’s not something I would do if I had any doubts about their willingness and ability to deliver what they say they will, when they say they will.”

Tom Armstrong
Engineering Manager, Vac-Con, Inc.