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Eaton’s Aeroquip Hose Products Give a Lift to World’s Largest Crane

“If we didn’t have enough stock in our Pasco shop or distribution center in Portland, Oregon, (Applied) arranged for next-day air shipments from Eaton. We placed at least 10 next-day orders, and Eaton came through every time.”

Scott Lucas
Applied account manager


Lampson International of Kennewick, Washington, has really stuck its neck out. The company recently completed construction of the world’s largest land-based mobile crane with a main boom that towers more than 400 feet when fully extended. Overall, the crane with an attached jib is 560 feet high and can safely set loads over a football field away from its base.

Capable of moving 2,600 tons of dead weight, the crane has been sold to Sanmen Nuclear Energy of China and will be used in the construction of a power plant south of Shanghai.

Stretched from head to toe in spaghetti-like fashion on the Lampson LTL-2600 Transi-Lift® Mobile Crane are Eaton’s Aeroquip® hose and fittings. In fact, an estimated 800 MatchMate Plus® GH781 and GH493 hose assemblies and FC186-04 hose assemblies enable five miles of 1½-inch cable to move up and down the towering crane.

Lampson has long relied on Applied Industrial Technologies (Applied®) of Pasco, Washington, for Eaton hose and fitting products that provide the hydraulic power on all its cranes. Just to make sure an ample supply is always ready, a hose and fitting “keep-fill cell” is housed at Lampson’s Pasco assembly plant. Applied’s job is to do as the cell’s name implies: keep it full of Eaton’s Aeroquip hose and fitting products.

No problem on any given day, but when the massive crane project came along, Applied needed to bump up its service level.


Scott Lucas, Applied account manager, is in charge of servicing the Lampson account, along with Jerry Mertsching, Eaton area sales manager. Aware of the fluid conveying requirements of the colossal crane, Lampson folks sat down with Lucas to map out the year-long undertaking.

“At that time, we had one ProCrimp® FT1390 hose assembly machine operating in the plant,” Lucas says.

“Soon into the project we realized that one crimp machine wasn’t enough to keep up with hose assembly requirements for the big crane, plus everyday production needs. The project was putting heavy demand on our Pasco location as well.”


Lucas increased his time spent at Lampson from one day per week to two to ensure parts bins and hose reels were chocked full. As he studied the plant’s work processes, he realized that an additional crimp machine would not only help with demand, but would also increase production throughput.

“Lampson production folks make hose assemblies as they are needed in the assembly process,” Lucas says. “Since the Eaton Aeroquip FT1390 crimp machine is positioned in the keep-fill cell at one end of the 650-foot-long assembly facility, they would have to walk to the cell and back again, which could be a long distance from where their assembly line was located in the plant.

“Placing an additional crimp machine at the other end of the facility has helped to increase hose assembly output and decrease overall production time.”

But even with their increased hose production capacity with an Eaton Aeroquip FT1380P crimp machine, Lampson folks were making trips at least twice a week to Applied for even more assemblies. Applied’s Shane Tompkins, customer service representative, was named a dedicated resource for Lampson at Applied’s Pasco location.

“Shane’s assistance was instrumental, particularly during high-demand periods,” Lucas says.


Thanks in large part to Applied’s customer care, Lampson was able to keep on top of its production schedule for the China-bound crane.

“Applied was instrumental in allowing us to keep to a very tight production schedule on this project,” says Lampson’s Bruce Stemp, quality assurance manager.

“Applied’s service and commitment to ensuring that we had the components we needed without delay for this project, as well as for our day-to-day maintenance needs, validated our continued use of Applied as our vendor of choice for Eaton hose and fitting requirements.”

In turn, Lucas is quick to give credit for Applied’s responsiveness to Eaton’s on-time delivery. “If we didn’t have enough stock in our Pasco shop or distribution center in Portland, Oregon, Shane arranged for next-day air shipments from Eaton,” Lucas says. “We placed at least 10 next-day orders, and Eaton came through every time.”

Like all Lampson cranes, the newest crane is a good fit for Eaton’s Aeroquip MatchMate hose and fitting products.

Corresponding assembly components are easy for Lampson assemblers to recognize because colored rings on the hose layline “match” the design and number of rings on the corresponding hose fitting type.

Then they simply need to “mate” the color of the layline with the color-coded die cage in the crimper, enabling them to make factory-quality assemblies in about three minutes.

Lampson folks also like the fact that Eaton’s GH781 double wire-braid hose and GH493 four heavy-spiral-wire hose have different colored laylines, enabling them and end-users to readily distinguish between low- and high-pressure lines.

After dismantling, the skyscraping crane will be shipped to China, where Lampson personnel will provide onsite assembly, testing, and initial operational support.