Phoenix Curb Machines

Phoenix Curb Machines

Eaton's Pro-FX® electronic controls and software provide custom control solution for Phoenix Curb Machines

“By using Eaton's Pro-FX technology, our iTerra controllers have made the Phoenix PCM-3300, PCM-6500 and PCM-7500 more precise and efficient, with jobs completed in less time.”

Stu Johnson, President and CEO
Phoenix Curb Machines/ConTech International.


With 45 years of experience in the concrete construction industry, Phoenix Curb Machines is a made in America company known for the toptier technology behind every premier compact curber. Passionate about simplifying and enriching the lives of their customers with technologically advanced products, Phoenix Curb Machines incorporates new technology into existing equipment to manufacture machines to meet state-ofthe- art custom specifications. Phoenix's expertise and commitment to performancedriven design enables the company to provide customers with innovative, cost-effective slipform curbing solutions.

Eaton's portfolio of leading global hydraulic solutions gave Phoenix plenty of options while considering enhancements for its concrete curbing machines.


Mistakes can be costly when curbing concrete roads and highways, so Phoenix needed a precise control solution to help its curbing machines quickly and efficiently apply concrete correctly the first time.

Phoenix's curbing machines face rugged environments – whether rain, heat, snow or hail, these on-highway vehicles need hardware that can survive inclement conditions. Phoenix turned to Eaton when looking for a trusted partner to help further enhance its curb machine offering, tasking Eaton and its distributor with developing a custom control solution to enhance the concrete application process for Phoenix's PCM-3300, PCM-6500 and PCM-7500 curbing machines.


Phoenix worked directly with Eaton distributor Spencer Fluid Power to design a custom-controller solution for its line of PCM slipform curbing machines. Using Eaton's HFX programmable controllers and VFX programmable displays, which are part of Eaton's family of Pro-FX electronic controls and software, Spencer Fluid Power created a solution that helped operators of the PCM line of slipform curbers take control of every system function on the machine to accurately apply concrete curb on roads and highways.

The Pro-FX family of electronic controllers and displays can be programmed to a wide variety of configurations with the Pro-FX Control software suite, providing Spencer Fluid Power the ability to quickly address the needs of the curbing machine with a specific coding structure. Using Eaton's software technology, Spencer Fluid Power helped shape Phoenix's iTerra™ platform, a next generation, fully digital multipurpose controller developed specifically for Phoenix series curb machines.


With a quick five week turnaround, Eaton and Spencer Fluid Power almost immediately solved Phoenix's need for an accurate, efficient curbing machine that deploys best-inclass controller innovation.

"By using Eaton's Pro-FX technology, our iTerra controllers have made the Phoenix PCM-3300, PCM-6500 and PCM- 7500 more precise and efficient, with jobs completed in less time," said Stu Johnson, President and CEO of Phoenix Curb Machines/ConTech International. "The controller also features a complete selfdiagnostic function, helping operators pinpoint and troubleshoot problems quickly, allowing for more pouring time and less downtime."

iTerra allows Phoenix PCM curb machine operators to control the machines from a single, easy to use and easy to understand interface similar to that of a game controller. Operators can control speed, hopper trim, cross-slope, vibrator speed and direction all with the touch of a button.

With the success of iTerra, Phoenix has enlisted the technology on 40 machines in 2015 and is looking to apply similar control solutions to a broader range of equipment.