The Morse Group

The Morse Group

The Eaton Power Xpert Solar 250 kW inverter provides reliable operation for the Morse Group


Eaton solutions improve the controllability, reliability, delivery, and safety of solar power applications. A single source supplier of complete photovoltaic (PV) electrical balance of system (BOS) solutions, Eaton simplifies engineering and business processes.

Realizing The Customer’s Needs

The Morse Group, one of the top 50 electrical contractors in the United States, required an inverter solution and support services that reduced service response time and increased energy harvest.

“After experiencing delayed service responses from another inverter supplier, our customer was particularly concerned about support for the inverters on this project,” explains Todd Sullivan, The Morse Group’s Design/Build Division Manager.

Selecting A Proven Brand

Eaton is a bankable supplier for complete solar PV electrical BOS solutions for residential, commercial and utility installations. Further, Eaton Electrical Services & Systems (EESS) offers a comprehensive portfolio of support tailored for every stage of a power system’s life cycle. Confident in Eaton products and support services, The Morse Group chose eight Eaton Power Xpert Solar 250 kW inverters for the customer’s two-megawatt solar field.

Sullivan notes, “Based on our experience with Eaton products and services, we recommended the Power Xpert Solar inverter, which uses proven Eaton components.”

A Reliable Solution and Service

Sullivan reports, “The Eaton inverters are performing at a high availability rate, and Eaton Electrical Services & Systems has provided prompt support, even to adverse system conditions unrelated to the inverters.

Inverters typically have similar performance capabilities and options. The reliability of the Power Xpert Solar inverter and available support services made the Eaton solution stand out.

The expertise of the Eaton Electrical Services & Systems team was the tipping point—the reason we chose Eaton. We knew that if we needed any support with the installation, start up and operation of the inverters, Eaton would be very responsive. As we continue to expand our work on solar projects, I would definitely consider purchasing additional Eaton Power Xpert Solar inverters.”.

The Eaton Power Xpert Solar Inverter Background

The Eaton Power Xpert Solar 250 kW inverter converts sunlight into clean alternating current with an emphasis on maximum energy harvest, system reliability, enhanced operations and reduced maintenance. Outdoor-rated with no additional shelter or protection required, the Power Xpert Solar 250 kW inverter enables rapid deployment and installation, and sustains operation in harsh environments.

Each critical component inside the Power Xpert inverter is proven to be reliable based on known life cycles of highvolume industrial and electrical control equipment. At the heart of the Eaton 250 kW Solar inverter is the Eaton active front-end (AFE) technology, which is proven to reliably operate in harsh environments with 24/7 operation cycles over decades.

Eaton Electrical Service & Systems (EESS)

Eaton services and resources provide on-site support. Regional application and power systems engineers assist with grid integration of solar PV systems. Additionally, Eaton can provide custom AC or DC engineering support on either side of the inverter that meets local building code and utility requirements.