Frigorífico São Miguel Ltda

Frigorífico São Miguel Ltda

With SmartWire-DT were able to increase the efficiency of our entire process and make considerable cost savings. The excellent diagnostics system reduces downtimes to a minimum.
— Cristiano Lewandoski, Friella

The Brazilian company Frigorífico São Miguel Ltda, or more precisely “Fábrica de Produtos Suínos”, Miguel do Iguaçu, produces industrially processed food from pork, such as seasoned steaks, bacon, sausage and ham products as well as pure pork. The Friella label is synonymous with pork products, which are very popular with consumers, wholesalers, supermarkets and butchers alike throughout the whole of the country. All natural and processed meat products are inspected by the Federal- SIF authority. SmartWire-DT is used for the automated machine control in which 278 motors are controlled in four different areas and are networked via the connection and communication system.

The Friella processing plant carries out the complete processing of the pork meat: It starts in the pig sty, covers the processing in the slaughter house, the cutting room and processing machines, ranging from the primary to the final packaging. The process consists of the following stages: After being slaughtered, the pig carcasses are transferred via conveyor belts to the washing plant for cleaning. Other conveyor belts transport pork meat to the cutting room where it is cut into the required portion sizes. Depending on the processing required, the meat is then distributed to specific areas. After the final products are packaged, they are stored in refrigerators until the in-house forwarding department delivers the goods according to customer requirements.

The control system for the production, packaging and refrigeration machines consists of several Eaton components: NZM circuit-breakers, PKZ motor-protective circuitbreakers, DIL contactors, SmartWire-DT, PLCs, HMIs, Remote I/Os, power supply units as well as RMQ pilot devices.

An XC200 modular PLC controls the installation. It is networked with a SCADA system and nine XV440 touch panel HMIs installed in different areas. PLCs, HMIs, XION devices and SmartWire-DT are integrated in the entire system via Ethernet (FO) and CANopen.

The installation includes 278 motors. These are controlled and operated in four different areas, and are linked via the SmartWire-DT connection and communication system. Thanks to SmartWire-DT, all motors can be monitored completely from the control system, including the feedback signals such as states or other process data sent from the motor-protective circuit-breakers and contactors. This allows fast diagnostics and ensures an efficient production of the entire plant. The motor starters are fitted in compact switching cabinets to DIN rails. Today the installation requires fewer switching cabinets, little maintenance, and components can be exchanged rapidly and simply if required.

The installation at the Friella plant had to be implemented with reduced wiring, in which highly reliable production had to be ensured as the highest priority. The SmartWire-DT technology was thus the ideal solution: It offers an optimum solution for MMC cabinets and switching cabinets for the automation. Today production monitoring is implemented via CoDeSys web visualization – an IEC 61131-3 programming system – which can also handle historical process data. In addition to field maintenance, the control system is also designed to allow remote access to the visualization objects (XML format) by means of a web server from any PC or web browser, irrespective of the platform.

Cristiano Lewandoski, engineer and responsible for automation at Friella, looks back: “Our plant is designed for the slaughter of 750 pigs a day and for the processing of the meat into tasty products. Thanks to the Eaton solution we were able to increase the efficiency of our entire process and make considerable cost savings. SmartWire-DT offers the plantwide automation system an excellent diagnostics system so that downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.”