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“The S611 Soft Starter is 90% faster to commission than the other suppliers’ products. It expedites troubleshooting, which reduces downtime to mere minutes instead of a day.”
Kenny Jacobs, KJ Electric Owner


KJ Electric (www.kjelectric.com) has been providing customers in the HVAC, aggregate, water, wastewater, petrochemical, and industrial markets with motors, drives, controls, and power transmission products since 1981. They are recognized for providing application-specific solutions by listening to customers and finding easy-to-use, robust, feature-rich products for severe duty applications.


KJ Electric Owner Kenny Jacobs explains, “Our customers wanted a solid state reduced voltage starter that was easy to program, with 120V control, top and bottom wiring. They wanted a soft starter that their mechanically oriented personnel could work with easily. In addition, customers needed a product that would enable them to retrofit existing starters as well as a common product in a wide range of horsepowers.”

Although KJ Electric’s customers wanted the advanced features, they were intimidated by the typical complexity of an advanced soft starter and sought an alternative with an intuitive user interface.


When KJ Electric learned that Eaton was developing the S611 Soft Starter, which had a high end feature set at economical cost points, they began field testing the product with their customers. Unlike other units that only monitor two phases, the S611 Soft Starter monitors all three phases, which provides enhanced protection.

End-user feedback revealed that the soft starters delivered a streamline solution that addressed all of the customer requirements. The intuitive user interface provided the simplicity that was a critical concern and the key to reducing commissioning and troubleshooting time. Rather than requiring intricate programming steps and switching between multiple menus, the S611 Soft Starter’s keypad provided simple, step-bystep instructions.


Jacobs notes, “The S611 Soft Starter is 90 percent faster to commission than the other suppliers’ products. It expedites troubleshooting, which reduces downtime to mere minutes instead of a day.”

If there is a fault with the starter, a fault code and LED will display so there is no need to go to the quick start guide. For example; if the starter is under voltage, it will show “F01” and the LED for “under voltage” will light up. This means that the personnel involved do not have to know what “F01” stands for because the LED light indicates it on the soft start. This enables the user to immediately identify the problem and begin to take corrective action quickly.

For retrofits and new product installation, the SSRV starters are put into an enclosure and the soft starter’s keypad is placed on the outside of the unit. This not only gives the users access to all the programs, but they can also read kilowatts, voltage, and amps without having to open the enclosure, providing enhanced safety for personnel.

Jacobs adds, “We have zero defect warranties so far. For a new product that’s saying a lot. It clearly demonstrates that the product was developed with proven Eaton technology.”

KJ Electric has found that the S611 Soft Starter is a genuine asset to customers doing retrofits. It fits into the space the old mechanical starters were in and because it is controlled with a 110V interface no additional components are required.

After seeing the product’s value, Eaton became the primary stocked soft starter manufacturer for KJ Electric. In the near future, KJ Electric also plans to stock the enclosed S611 Soft Starter.

Jacobs states, “The S611 Soft Starter is competitively priced and provides the functionality that our customers are looking for from a production and monitoring standpoint. Eaton identified end users’ requirements and hit a home run providing them with this product. This offering will definitely keep our customers coming back to us and I believe that this product will enable us to double our business within the next year.”