KUVAG (top)


Eaton's UPS solution is simple to install and clearly designed—what is claimed on paper really works in practise.
— Michael Wagner


KUVAG's site in Neumarkt am Hausruck is known for its two specialist products—medium and high-voltage insulators—far beyond the Austrian border. More than 70 epoxy-resin batch control recipes are available for the manufacture of these components. Strong electrical fluctuations or power outages could severely disrupt the  manufacturing process: "If we didn't have a UPS, all it would take is a more severe power fluctuation to bring production to a standstill," explains Jürgen Humberger, IT Manager at KUVAG. And so, after an electronics failure in the old UPS, he immediately ordered a new device from his hardware supplier, it-TREND.


The biggest challenge at KUVAG was the VMware vSphere 5.1. According to it-TREND CEO Michael Wagner, it proved difficult to find a UPS manufacturer that could intelligently manage the virtualization infrastructure: "There are only a few suppliers of uninterruptible power supplies who provide good support for a VMware cluster. Our previous supplier was one of the many that can't." Michael Wagner has since completely switched to Eaton for his UPS needs: "Not only does the product suit our exact needs, but the support does too."


The single-phase 7.5 kVA online double-conversion 9140 UPS system used at KUVAG was programmed to initiate a safe shutdown of the server after 30 minutes without power, shutting down the virtual machines first. The total one-hour backup power needed was taken care of by a battery expansion module. The addition of the Web/SNMP interface card and the Intelligent  Power software was key to proper server management.

The unanimous consensus was extremely positive following the purchase of the Eaton 9140 UPS, when it was tested on its promised shutdown and management capabilities. Jürgen Humberger's initial skepticism quickly disappeared—he now entrusts all his physical and virtual servers to Eaton UPSs. "If the displayed remaining running time says 25 minutes, it means 25 minutes, down to the last second". His advisor, Michael Wagner, agrees: "Eaton's UPS solution is simple to install and clearly designed—what is claimed on paper really works in practise."