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Heavy hauler heaps praise on Eaton UltraShift® PLUS transmissions.

“I think the rest of the industry, whether it's engines or other transmissions, needs to follow suit and do what the Eaton people are doing. We think very highly of them. Because of that, I would recommend to anyone that they buy the UltraShift PLUS transmissions.”

Guido Naccarato
Founder, C&G Haulage


Excellent customer service seems to be the natural offshoot of family-owned and family-run businesses. That's certainly the case at C&G Haulage Ltd., in Ajax, Ontario, where grandmas, grandpas, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters make certain all customers are treated like they're relatives.

The company, which specializes in the heavy hauling of aggregates for concrete and asphalt yards, was founded in 1975 by Grandpa Guido and Grandma Connie Naccarato, and has enjoyed good growth over the years. Their son, Frank, is the fleet manager and his sister, Mary, takes care of dispatching and bookkeeping. Grandsons Guido, Jr., and Andrew are helping out with maintenance and mechanical responsibilities, while granddaughters Sara and Melissa stop by occasionally to help out when needed.

C&G has 15 additional employees. "They're not related but we still try to treat them like family," says the senior Guido. Another 35 independent brokers are regularly employed to service the greater Toronto area.

"We take very good care of our customers," adds Guido. "When I tell them we're going to do a job, the job gets done and done right."


The C&G fleet includes 15 company trucks consisting of Peterbilt and International tri-axle tractors with tri-axle pony pup trailers. The rigs typically travel smaller routes averaging between 600 kilometers (375 miles) to 800 kilometers (500 miles) a day. While the routes may be small, the C&G payloads are not.

"We are one of the biggest aggregate haulers here in the Toronto area," notes Guido. "We carry the maximum weight allowed of roughly 63,000 kilograms (139,000 pounds)."

Frank says carrying all of that weight requires top-notch maintenance. Yet, he adds, maintaining the newer emission-friendly engines and related components is getting increasingly more difficult with new technologies seemingly popping up every week. His dad agrees.


"This new equipment is just not as dependable as it should be," says Guido. "Many of our suppliers are not up to date on a lot of the new technologies and it's hard getting good support."

Except, he quickly adds, for the support he gets from Eaton and the Roadranger field service organization that began when the Naccarato family was selected to test a new lineup of automated transmissions in 2009.

"We were one of the earliest fleets to run their new transmission," says Guido. "They selected us because of the weight we haul."

That early prototype was an Eaton UltraShift® PLUS MXP (Multipurpose Extreme Performance) 18-speed automated manual transmission. Today, the MXP transmissions are part of the UltraShift PLUS Performance Series, all of which employ grade sensing, weight computation and driver throttle commands to make intelligent shift decisions for optimum performance. The fully automated, two-pedal transmissions may be paired with the highest torque engines available in the trucking industry.

The Performance Series also includes the 13-speed Multipurpose Highway Performance (MHP) transmission.

Built upon the highly popular Eaton Fuller manual transmission platform, all Eaton UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions offer tailored performance and efficiency for virtually any application. All launches and shifts are automated with the use of a self-adjusting electronic actuator for fast, smooth engagements.


That initial UltraShift PLUS MXP is still operating at C&G and has accumulated more than 1.2 million miles of service.

"They guided us through the whole process," says Guido. "Then right after the testing was over, which took about two years, they came in here and said, 'sir your warranty starts today'. Since then we have had very few issues, and the Eaton people have treated us great."

Frank and Guido have since ordered a second and third MXP that have been performing equally well, and have spec'd the same transmissions on a new truck order for five International pony pups. They agree that ease of operation and reduced wear and tear on their vehicles are two of the transmissions' finer attributes.

"Our drivers love the transmissions," notes Frank, "because they can sit back and drive the trucks without having to worry about shifting. It is much easier going down the road."

Guido adds, "On the performance side, you can't really push it and the transmission shifts when it needs to shift. That translates to good fuel consumption, especially with the newer models. So it looks like they are getting better and better.

"I drove a truck for more than 35 years and when I first drove the UltraShift PLUS, I thought it was good. Now I say, hey, it's really good."

Guido's just as enthusiastic in his praise of the Eaton sales and service representatives who have been supporting him over the years.

"I think the rest of the industry, whether it's engines or other transmissions, needs to follow suit and do what the Eaton people are doing," says Guido. "We think very highly of them. Because of that, I would recommend to anyone that they buy the UltraShift PLUS transmissions."