Crown Xpress Transport

Crown Xpress Transport

Latino fleet says ‘Mas Eaton transmisiones por favor’

“The transmissions have been well received by our drivers. Because they do not have to use a clutch or make shifting decisions, the transmissions are very much contributing to a more comfortable ride for them. They are not as tired at the end of the day.”

Jose Valenzuela
Chief Mechanic, Crown Xpress Transport


Crown Xpress Transport, a Latino owned and operated truck transportation and logistics company based in San Diego, Calif., is mucho unique. And for a lot more reasons than just being Latino.

The owner and founder, Lorena Guillen, is female. The company’s chief financial administrator, Sylvia Aguilar, is also female and Guillen’s sister.

Guillen and Aguilar, whose father was in the transportation business for 40 years, grew up in trucking. Guillen started the powerhouse company in 2003 with one truck. Today, with locations throughout California, Texas and Mexico, the 10-yearold company has 175 trucks.

Aguilar had her own trucking company for ten years before deciding to join her sister in 2009.

The pair prides themselves on delivering, “innovative technologies and methods to ensure on-time deliveries and the greatest customer service available,” says Aguilar. “We have sophisticated programs and computers to give us an edge.

“We are one of the only California freight companies that offer complete door-to-door service. We keep our customers informed of the status of their shipments until they reach their final destination.”


With deliveries into Mexico one of the company’s key specialties, Aguilar says dealing with the border crossings and customs can be especially challenging.

“It’s always backed up,” adds Aguilar, “so to best deal with that we started our own entity. This has been especially helpful when we have a load that is particularly hot.”

With excellent customer service playing a major role to those successful border crossings, the company’s lineup of modern vehicles also helps. Those two attributes also favorably impact the company’s growing success north of the border, with routes now operating throughout the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

In 2008 and 2009, the company decided to start upgrading its fleets with a series of new vehicle purchases. Those purchases have been ongoing since then, and the fleet today includes newer model Freightliner, Volvo and Kenworth trucks – all spec’ed with top-of-the-line components.

“There are a lot of companies that do what we do,” notes Aguilar. “What distinguishes us is our personalized customer service. To also keep us ahead of the competition, it is very important that we have the latest and greatest technologies in our vehicles.”


The company’s latest delivery of new Kenworth trucks was outfitted with Eaton’s new generation line of automated transmissions – UltraShift PLUS. Much to Aguilar’s liking, UltraShift PLUS represents Eaton’s most technologically advanced transmission in the 103-year history of the company.

The LAS (Linehaul Active Shifting) models selected by Crown Xpress chief mechanic, Jose Valenzuela, are built upon the bullet proof and industry leading Fuller 10-speed manual transmissions. UltraShift PLUS uses an electronic clutch actuat or to provide faster shifting and smoother engagement. At idle, it fully engages the clutch giving the driver ultimate control in parking lots, loading docks and other tight spaces.

In addition, the UltraShift PLUS provides a new level of integration with engine, truck and drivetrain components to give fleets the optimal mix of performance and economy. Each unit can be customized for essentially any operational need.

All UltraShift PLUS LAS transmissions have been designed to provide operators with the ideal combination of fuel efficiency and performance, and are available in both overdrive and directdrive models. The transmissions also feature Hill Start Aid, which prevents rolling while on steep grades. This allows all drivers to have a controlled launch – knowing that the truck won't roll back.

Especially important in contemporary trucking, Eaton UltraShift PLUS transmissions may be paired with the highest torque engines available today with capacities ranging from 1,450 lb.-ft. through 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. Fleets throughout North America in vocations ranging from basic over-the-road hauling to the harsh duties of logging operations are reporting significant fuel economy improvements.


Crown Xpress is one of the latest fleets to join that list.

“We are seeing one to one-and-a-half miles per gallon fuel savings with the new UltraShift PLUS transmissions,” says Valenzuela. “For that reason alone we will certainly consider ordering more in the near future.”

But he does have more reasons.

“The transmissions have been well received by our drivers,” he adds. “Because they do not have to use a clutch or make shifting decisions, the transmissions are very much contributing to a more comfortable ride for them. They are not as tired at the end of the day.” Those comfortable drivers are also safer drivers, he believes.

“They are telling me that they feel more secure with the automated transmissions because they can keep both hands on the steering wheel and better concentrate on the road and traffic conditions,” adds Valenzuela. And for all of that and more, Valenzuela, Aguilar and Guillen jointly agree and say, “Muchas gracias Eaton.”