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Rental and leasing powerhouse has sizzling praise for Eaton Procision™ dual-clutch automatic transmissions

“ Everyone agreed that the shifting is spot-on for all sorts of terrain, including some of the hills that we often encounter. This is definitely the best medium-duty transmission that I have seen from Eaton to date. We anticipate seeing a long-term cost-savings in terms of maintenance, as well. “

Mario Delgado,
president, Idealease of Atlanta


Hotlanta is a popular nickname for the city of Atlanta. The Hot in Hotlanta mostly refers to the many fantastic things to do there, especially the Atlanta nightlife. To a lesser degree it also refers to the hot summer temperatures common to the city.

Hot would also be an appropriate term to describe the phenomenal growth and success of the Idealease location in Atlanta. Under the more than 13 years of leadership of company president, Mario Delgado, Idealease of Atlanta now boasts six operations in Georgia. The company is one of the largest Idealease facilities in North America.

Delgado has more than 1,300 vehicles that are available for truck leasing and rental to a diverse list of commercial trucking customers.

He also has four International DuraStar vehicles in his rental fleet that he has been using for roughly 18 months to test and evaluate the all-new Eaton Procision™ dual-clutch automatic transmission.


Due in part to the commendable manner in which Delgado runs his business, Idealease of Atlanta was selected by Eaton to put the company's newest transmission through the day-to-day rigors of a truck rental and leasing application.

He was more than happy to comply, admits the trucking industry veteran who has been in the rental business since 1978, having started his career immediately after graduating from college.

"We put the trucks into everything from delivering building materials to delivering flowers," adds Delgado. "That was one of the reasons why we wanted to test them and Eaton wanted us to test them. So we've had the vehicles in pick-up and delivery operations, regional work, on mountainous terrain and more."

He says among the top priorities that he wanted to measure were safety and driver acceptance. The trucks have now been through about 30,000 to 40,000 miles of testing.


The Eaton medium-duty Procision™ transmission has been more than up to the challenges.

It represents one of the largest new product launches in the history of the company, and the dual-clutch design is a first in the North American class 6-7 commercial truck industry.

That design, Eaton believed, would allow for more efficient acceleration in stop and go traffic situations and also optimize shift points to efficiently get to the highest gear. Gear changes are made by swapping the engine torque between clutches with the next gear preselected. The result is a transmission with the mechanical efficiencies of a manual transmission and the smooth shifting of an automatic.

The dual-clutch module is fully contained within the transmission and hydraulically controlled and oil cooled for extended life. Eaton testing has confirmed fuel efficiency improvements of 8-10% when compared to a similarly equipped vehicle with a torque converter automatic transmission.

Procision features electronic shifting that uses grade, vehicle weight and throttle inputs to provide optimal fuel efficiency and smooth delivery of torque. Smart features, such as Eaton Dynamic Shifting, select optimum shift points for balance of economy and performance. The transmission also delivers more efficient acceleration from a stopped position. Simply put, the more starts and stops in the route, the more savings fleets will see with Procision.

Procision has several features that improve driver confidence. Urge to Move and Creep Mode controls forward and reverse speeds better than a torque converter automatic and provide best in class low speed maneuverability. Brake pedal-actuated Tap Down Shifting gives the driver more control by downshifting on grades or other conditions without removing hands from the wheel or eyes from the road. In hilly terrain, Hill Helper technology prevents roll back or roll forward for up to 3 seconds, based on grade and vehicle weight, allowing for a controlled launch.


"I think this is a great product and the customers who are using it have been more than pleased," says Delgado. "Because of that, we will absolutely be purchasing Procision in the future when it comes time to order new medium-duty trucks." He went on to comment on driving experience. "Everyone agreed that the shifting is spot-on for all sorts of terrain, including some of the hills that we often encounter," he adds. "This is definitely the best medium-duty transmission that I have seen from Eaton to date."

With Procision having an initial lube and oil change interval of four years or 150,000 miles, Delgado adds, "We anticipate seeing a long-term cost-savings in terms of maintenance, as well." Like many others who are testing Procision, Delgado wanted to emphasize his appreciation for the support that he has been receiving from Eaton's Roadranger service and support staff, which consists of more than 200 drivetrain professionals.

"Everyone has been excellent to us," he says. "It's been a great partnership. Knowing we have Eaton behind us makes me feel very comfortable." So comfortable, in fact, his overall take on Procision is now hotter than a Hotlanta Friday night in August.