Industry Leading Temperature Control Unit Manufacturer

Industry Leading Temperature Control Unit Manufacturer

Industry-leading trailer truck refrigeration units save time and reduce spillage with Eaton’s drain couplings

Eaton's FD14 increased efficiency, reduced costs, and helped to avoid the risk of spills.

Thad Samuelson
Silvertip Supply Owner


When an industry leading temperature control unit manufacturer began updating its production of trailer truck refrigeration units, Eaton saw an opportunity to help the manufacturer deliver a product with improved efficiency — and reduced risk of spillage — with Eaton’s Fast Lube Oil Change System (FLOCS®) and oil evacuation products.


The vehicle manufacturer needed a cost-competitive solution for the engine oil evacuation before it would consider sourcing the Eaton FD14 drain coupling. Additionally, the manufacturer wanted assurance that Eaton’s product would offer an overall performance improvement.

Ball valves are prone to having contents drain haphazardly, when opened during oil evacuation or inadvertently by a technician, which can cause undesirable spillage. The manufacturer was missing a way to more efficiently control oil evacuation.


After analyzing the customer’s needs against Eaton’s existing portfolio of solutions, Eaton engineered and tested an FD14 drain coupling that simplified oil evacuation. By pairing a socket-less drain hose with a full-flow male coupling assembly and a female assembly, the coupling performed as a quick-disconnect and a valve, allowing one-handed connection and disconnection.

To prevent spillage, the FD14 drain coupling cannot be opened until the female half of the assembly is connected and the evacuation unit hose is attached. Once this is properly assembled, activating the pump or gravity drain quickly supports moving the oil to a storage tank.


Replacing the ball valve in the refrigeration units created increased efficiency, reduced costs and helped to avoid the risk of spills. In June 2013, the manufacturer’s Puerto Rico plant began phasing out the old ball valves. The company has seen results and proof of performance that supports the move to full production with Eaton’s FD14 drain couplings.