Stagecoach Cartage

UltraShift® PLUS Transmissions Provide Better Performance and Reduce Maintenance Costs

“UltraShift PLUS will definitely be our standard specification going forward.”

John Plote
Maintenance Manager Stagecoach Cartage, El Paso, Texas


Stagecoach Cartage tested an UltraShift PLUS Transmission for roughly 10 months. John Plote is the maintenance manager for Stagecoach Cartage. His Eaton transmission is mated with an International ProStar tractor, which performs over-the-road, general freight hauling throughout mostly the southern U.S. and California.


Twice the Truckload Carriers Association has recognized Stagecoach Cartage with national safety awards, with the 27-year-old fleet capturing the group’s highest Grand Award honor in 2007. Safety here is obviously a top priority.

“With our older transmissions, the driver had to jump off the brake and immediately hit the accelerator very hard to avoid bumping into a vehicle behind them whenever they were on a steep grade,” said Plote.


After testing an UltraShift PLUS transmisison, Plote believes the new transmissions will definitely help nourish that safety priority.

“Our drivers say the Hill Start Aid works great.” Compared to the old way of operating on unsafe hills, Plote says “This is absolutely a much better set-up.”

Plote is equally enthusiastic about the new electronic clutch actuator on the UltraShift PLUS transmissions. “Once Eaton upgraded the software we have had no issues at all with the clutch,” he adds.


“Based on what we have seen so far, I am anticipating much better performance and reliability for the life of the vehicle. So we are anticipating some maintenance cost reductions, too.”

Looking to keep those routes safely and efficiently serviced, Plote says, “UltraShift PLUS will definitely be our standard specification going forward.”