TEC Equipment

TEC Equipment

Truck dealership profiting with Eaton products, support and occasional adlibbing

“We have enjoyed tremendous success for many years now with Eaton clutches. Eaton stands behind its products, and the support that we get from the sales staff and technical staff is absolutely second to none.”

Tina Harrow
Vice President, Parts Operations


Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, TEC Equipment is one of the largest multi-point truck dealerships in the western U.S. With 19 locations in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and Nevada, the company’s truck franchises include Volvo and Mack heavy-duty trucks, Hino and Isuzu medium-duty trucks, and GMC light-duty commercial trucks.

Founded in 1976 by David A. Thompson, TEC Equipment now has more than 800 employees and a large inventory of new and used trucks, quality parts, state-of-the-art service and body shop facilities, fueling, insurance, financing, and rental and leasing services. The company prides itself in giving all of its customers the convenience of one-stop shopping for all trucking related matters.

Tina Harrow is the vice president of parts operations and in charge of TEC’s multi-million-dollar parts department. The 28-year trucking industry veteran has been with TEC for three years.


Overseeing an inventory that large requires a variety of disciplines. Harrow negotiates purchases for thousands of parts, she develops sales programs, interfaces with customers both large and small in a variety of vocations, makes sales calls, and needs to keep in contact with sales people and branch managers at all locations.

She also publishes a regular newsletter.

“We try to offer our customers more than just great pricing,” says Harrow. “For example, we like to keep everyone up-to-date on warranty information and information about the product. In our TECTimes Newsletters and our promotional flyers we offer Tec Tips and other helpful product and industry information.”

In her January 2013 newsletter she says they featured an article about Eaton clutches highlighting the value in buying genuine Eaton products and offering useful information for both new and seasoned technicians.

“We do not sell will fit or offshore clutches,” adds Harrow. “Many, many years ago I learned that the warranty coverage and quality just wasn’t where it needed to be. We had nothing but problems. So we only sell the best now.”


Her best are genuine Eaton, including the EverTough® by Eaton and Advantage® Series clutches. That’s all she’ll buy and sell.

All EverTough by Eaton clutches are manufactured with genuine OEM quality components. Few after-market brands can offer a similar combination of durability and customer support. Additional highlights of the product include:

  • Nationwide one-year/unlimited mileage warranty coverage.
  • Smoother engagement and cooler operation through the use of positive separator pins to ensure equal plate separation.
  • 25,000-mile lubrication intervals for linehaul operation.
  • Models are available with up to 2,050 lb.-ft. of torque capacity.

Both of the top-of-the-line Eaton Solo Advantage and Easy-Pedal Advantage clutches offer maximum uptime and performance. Highlights include:

  • 50,000-mile lubrication intervals for linehaul applications.
  • Two-year/unlimited mileage warranties with nationwide coverage.
  • Patent-pending release bearings for better lubrication properties and improved strength to extend clutch life.
  • Improved steel-backed bushings to better resist wear for increased service life.
  • Premium dampers to reduce harmful torsional vibrations along the driveline.
  • Proprietary facing materials to provide longer disc facing life.


“We have enjoyed tremendous success for many years now with Eaton clutches,” adds Harrow. “Eaton stands behind its products, and the support that we get from the sales staff and technical staff is absolutely second to none.”

So much so, Eaton clutches are frequently covered in her newsletter.

“We point out the value of buying genuine Eaton versus buying the off shore stuff that we compete with head to head when dealing with local warehouse distributors,” says Harrow. “And because Eaton clutches are the standard specification on just about every make and model of truck made in the U.S., those clutches also give us a competitive advantage in competing with all of the other dealerships in our territories.”

Harrow relocated to Portland from Utah when joining TEC three years ago. While working in Utah, she likes to recall an interesting anecdote to describe how the Eaton Roadranger team can often arrive at creative solutions despite just about any circumstance.

“I was visiting with a customer on a job site with my Eaton rep and we wanted to put on a Power Point presentation,” she says. “But we did not have a screen. So we decided to pop open the hood on one of their trucks and used that as a screen. Everyone left very impressed with our ability to improvise.

“It was so much fun, we decided to just forget the screen and did the hood presentations with other customers.” Harrow estimates she annually moves more than 2,000 Eaton clutches.

“The support that we get and the quality of product with every one of those clutches has been absolutely superior,” she says. “They do an amazing job for us.”