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When you manage and drive school buses, safety is the top priority. With kids and traffic to deal with, worrying about transmission performance is last on the list. The all-new Procision dual-clutch automatic transmission makes it easy with great low-speed maneuverability, fuel economy and more.

Here are the top reasons drivers and transportation directors will appreciate Procision:


Our advanced technologies are safety first.

  • Creep mode- allows controlled, low-speed maneuverability to give drivers and parents peace of mind
  • Hill Helper- prevents roll back or forward for up to 3 seconds, based on grade and vehicle weight, for a controlled and safe launch
  • Tap Down Shifting- this brake-pedal actuated feature downshifts on grades or in other conditions without the driver removing hands form the wheel or eyes from the road
  • Low engine noise, so drivers can focus on the job at hand
  • Shuttle shifting – allows shifting from Drive to Reverse and vice versa without coming to a complete stop, eliminating shift interlock situations


Performance you can count on.

  • Eaton brings a proven reputation of reliable commercial vehicle transmissions to the school bus industry
  • 100 truck years of reliability testing utilizing a variety of vocations and duty cycles
  • 5-year/unlimited mile warranty
  • Industry-longest 7-year extended protection plan for additional peace of mind


The latest technology for an easier ride

  • Dual-clutch technology preselects the correct gear for smooth delivery of power – just like the torque converter automatic that drivers are used to
  • Engineered and tested to excel and be reliable in extreme environments
  • Exceptionally smooth shifting with shift points that can be customized to your fleet for optimum fuel economy and comfort
  • Engine noise is reduced because gear changes occur at lower rpm
  • Zero learning curve for drivers accustomed to a torque-converter automatic

Cost of Ownership

Value for the district.

  • 8% to 10% better fuel economy than a torque converter automatic.
  • 7-speeds with a double overdrive for additional fuel economy.
  • Eaton Dynamic Shifting uses grade, vehicle weight and driver demand to select optimum shift points for balance of economy and performance.
  • New Eaton synthetic transmission fluid enables 150,000 mile lube & filter changes for reduced maintenance costs.


Back to on the route faster than ever.