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Eaton Experience Center - Houston

From a mock petrochemical refinery to a substation and power distribution grid, the Houston Experience Center provides a global education solution with the unique ability to give visitors hands-on training in a true application environment. The facility offers world-class industrial training in an innovative 55,000-square-foot facility representing a manifestation of global trends within the industrial space. In addition to live application installations, the facility features multiple training rooms all designed to help facilitate industry-specific education and hands-on demonstrations of Eaton's entire line of electrical products and solutions from a proven industry leader.

Click on any of the markets below to learn more about the facility’s solutions and application environments.


Upstream, midstream and downstream solutions for onshore and offshore applications.

Data center applications that explore, test and demonstrate products and solutions that protect equipment from hazards and outages.

Products and solutions that generate and distribute power within live applications and demonstrations.

Applications featuring products designed to withstand harsh and hazardous marine environments.

Demonstrations for a wide range of building applications featuring Eaton’s products and solutions.


Secondary Markets

In addition to the primary markets showcased at the Houston Experience Center, the facility also features live products and solutions for additional markets with a wide range of hands-on demonstrations and training opportunities.

  • Mining, metals and minerals
  • Machine building
  • Water and wastewater
  • Residential
  • Renewables
  • Healthcare


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Contact the Experience Center

If you would like to schedule a visit to the Experience Center or request additional information regarding training, contact us at EECHouston@eaton.com.