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Renewables at the Power Systems Experience Center

Reliable products for alternative solutions.

Visitors to the PSEC can experience full scale demonstrations of solar and energy storage applications. The applications highlight monitoring and control optimization solutions and tie into the facility’s microgrid application, displaying a wide range of solutions from energy management, including:

  • Energy storage
  • Solar power
  • Monitoring
  • Battery systems
  • Energy optimization


Featured application

Solar demonstration
Solar demonstration

PSEC offers three fully integrated solar demonstration system for testing, training and demonstrating. The solar parking canopy features 24kW parking structure covering 12 parking spaces, 96-240W solar panels, and integrated level 2 and DC quick charging electric vehicle charging. The rooftop systems display features 30 degree adjustable tilt and 12 degree fixed tilt ballasted systems for testing and training with 10kW tied into a residential demo system and 250kW grid-tie system. The final component features multiple inverter sizes for residential/light commercial tied to the canopy and the Power Xpert 250kW grid-tie inverter tied to the rooftop and option canopy panels.

Spotlight products


Market training

Power Xpert, PowerNet and Foreseer Basics

This course will focus on connectivity, providing the attendee with the necessary hands-on skill and tools to configure the Power Xpert software through its component pieces of PowerNet and Foreseer software. It is designed for engineers and technicians that design, install, and operate power management systems with Power Xpert communications capabilities. It provides a basic understanding of the architecture and configuration of Power Xpert software and hardware components. It is necessary to complete this training course prior to registration in the Power Xpert Software Web based training modules.

Register for Power Xpert, PowerNet and Foreseer Basics

Additional Courses

Description: More than 80% of the visitors to the Power Systems Experience Center come for customized electrical training. With the full scale equipment starting at the utility substation all the way to the receptacles in your home, we can deliver almost any type of training related to electrical system reliability, electrical safety, energy management or microgrids. Please contact us for inquiries and requests for specialized or customized training. Contact