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Global training for global markets

Experience Centers show Eaton’s full capabilities and feature applications for a wide range of markets. Our application environments and product demos are designed to help you achieve safe, efficient reliable market-specific solutions optimized for your projects. Eaton Experience Centers help you save time, energy and money identifying multiple solutions for your needs.


Our markets

Our Experience Centers offer visitors a wide range of products and solutions for machine building. With products for control, automation and monitoring, VFDs, metering, and much more, Eaton Experience Centers offer customers a first-hand look at products for their machines.

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Eaton recognizes that more than $150 billion dollars a year are spent on power quality issues. We offer multiple applications and demonstration environments to help visitors identify these problems and find the right solution. These applications and demos feature UPS, PDUs, racks, cable management, generators, and much more.

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Eaton’s Experience Centers take products and solutions and integrate them into displays and demos for real residential environments to give visitors a first-hand experience and access to training and installation practices.

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The Experience Centers offer multiple applications for renewable markets through demos with training courses. From full scale solar canopies to electric vehicle charging stations, the Experience Centers provide a hands-on experience for a wide range of renewable applications.

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Eaton’s Experience Centers offer application environments with solutions that help visitors increase the efficiency of their building’s electrical systems and extend the useful life of a power system for a wide range of building applications – including airports, commercial buildings, educational facilities, hospitals, leisure and entertainment facilities, manufacturing facilities, and retail locations.

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Eaton’s Experience Centers bring difficult-to-visit industrial environments to life through industry-specific application demonstrations. From oil and gas to mining to water and wastewater, our solutions help you enhance safety, maintain reliable power, improve energy efficiency and streamline your processes.

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The Experience Centers offer visitors first-hand access to real application environments within a safe, controlled atmosphere. The facilities bring refineries, offshore drilling rigs, land based drilling applications and so much more directly to the customer and provide industry experts to help develop the right solution for your project.

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Through solution vignettes and live demos, the Eaton Experience Centers take large-scale utility applications and translate them into hands-on demonstrations and training scenarios that help visitors gain a deeper understanding of utilities within an education environment and understand how Eaton’s products and solutions help customers solve their utility grid issues.

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The Eaton Experience Centers offer hands-on interaction with solutions for marine applications from FPSO to TLP and products built to resist the most corrosive and explosive environments.

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