Drives Training

Drives Training

Solid State Motor Control Training courses

What’s in it for you

Our goal within this program is to enhance your product competency, troubleshooting skills, and safe operation of Eaton Drives and Soft Starters through self-guided, eLearning and instructor led training. For an overview of our complete training program please see the “Solid State Power Control Training Program” flyer under the Training Documents pull down on the right side of this page.

✔ Online Self-guided Courses – Free of Charge

There are 4 skill levels in each category:

101: Introductory level courses for those that are new to Solid State Motor Control Products.
201: Intermediate courses that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to meet specific job requirements.
301: Skilled courses that build on the intermediate level classes by providing in-depth, application specific knowledge.
401: Advanced courses that provide the highest level of specialized product knowledge and skills.

Next Steps – complete the below registration information, click on “Submit” and you will be taken to over 100 courses to choose from.

✔ Commissioning & Service Certification Courses

We offer three levels of certification and training for Eaton Drives:

301 Online Basic startup training. This program was developed for anyone that wants to startup their own drive and utilizes e-learning modules on installation, programming and commissioning for DG1, SVX and HMAX drives. There is a minimal charge of $100 for each Drive family.
401Instructor Led Commissioning training. This program focuses on installation, programming and commissioning of all our Drive families and allows you to be a Certified Eaton Commissioner and reward you with an additional year of warranty. You have the option of attending one, two or all three days of training. Day 1 is SVX Family, Day 2 is DG/DH Family and Day 3 is HMX Family. The cost is $400 per person per day at our regional sites or $200 per day per person at our Eaton Drives facility.

401 Instructor Led Service Provider training. This program focuses on maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnosis of our entire Drives product line. The course allows you to be an Certified Eaton Service Provider. The cost is $1200 for the week.

Signing Up for Instructor Led Training:

  • Use “Orange” Quick Links on the right side of the web page for the specific class you want.
  • Either Log In (email and password) or Sign Up if your first time using the site.
  • Go to Variable Frequency Drive Class Room and then either Installation & Commissioning or Service
  • You will be required to take a Pre-Assessment quiz to ensure you are prepared. There are additional online courses that are recommended to further your Drives knowledge. Once you pass the quiz you will be allowed to sign up for a specific class date / location and pay your fee.

Questions – if you have any questions please email us at

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