Power Xpert Solar 1670 kW, 2000 kW, 2200 kW and 2750 kW Inverters

Effective October 1, 2017, Eaton will no longer manufacture Power Xpert Solar and Storage Inverters in the US and Canada. This includes the Power Xpert 1500, 1670, 2000, 2000+, and 2200kW Solar inverters as well as Power Xpert 2000, 2500kW Storage inverters. In order to provide effective support during this time of transition we have set up several ways to connect with the Solar support team for aftermarket and warranty issues.

A new support number has been set up that will be manned Monday through Friday from 8:00AM – 6:00PM EST to aid in trouble shooting and parts identification on Power Xpert Inverters. We have also set up a dedicated Email inbox that will be monitored by the Solar support team.

Support information will continue to be located on this web site.

Eaton remains committed to the solar energy market and continues to provide expansive electrical system equipment for utility and commercial scale solar projects, as well as energy storage solutions for residential and commercial applications globally.

Eaton recently performed a cybersecurity assessment on the Power Xpert Solar and Storage Inverter product family and discovered cybersecurity vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities do not affect the performance of the system on an isolated local area network. If, however, your product is connected to an external network, and you are concerned about potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities, there are a range of options available to address the concerns. We recommend that users follow the recommendations outlined in Eaton's "Cybersecurity considerations for electrical distribution systems" white paper found at www.eaton.com/cybersecurity.