Eaton’s Power of Authenticity

Eaton considers all of your aftermarket needs to be a high priority, whether you’re replacing a damaged breaker or adding new components to existing equipment. Unfortunately, there are those who try to fill these needs with counterfeit breakers that can have dangerous results.
Eaton’s Power of Authenticity ensures that you get authentic Eaton products, eliminating the downtime, safety, liability and performance issues that may occur when using counterfeit products. We stand behind high quality, properly tested products, and we make all Eaton and legacy products available to you with competitive lead times.
Remember to get Eaton products only through authorized distributors so you can be certain they are authentic. Take advantage of high product availability with Eaton’s authorized distributors, competitive pricing and gain access to breaker service centers that will help you minimize downtime and costs with quick repairs and replacements. Choose Authentic – Choose Eaton.




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Distributor Advantage Program

Distributor Advantage Program
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Replacement Breaker Module (RBM)


Authentic Eaton Products

How to Buy

How to Buy

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