Complete Suite of Engineering Services

Complete Suite of Services


Traditional engineering and advanced analysis offerings
Short-circuit analysis
Arc flash analysis
Protective device coordination
Load flow analysis / power factor correction study
Motor starting study
Harmonic analysis study
Power quality site surveys and disturbance monitoring
Substation and ground grid design
Field harmonic measurements
Transient stability study
Protection and control design
Advanced design and analysis
Distribution system design
Switching transient analysis
Distribution systems reliability analysis
Dynamic simulation
Specialized applications

Automation engineering: advanced and custom applications
Power monitoring system (EPMS)
Monitoring solutions: power quality and energy management
Motor control center systems integration to parent system
Control systems / power systems automation
Programmable logic controller (PLC) automatic transfer schemes


OEM equipment services and upgrades
Square D
General Electric
Federal Pacific

Turnkey project and construction management
Single-point responsibility throughout the entire project
Centralized project management group
Standardized documentation practices including scheduling, reporting and project closeout
Installation services including nationwide-subcontracting capability of all trades with on-site supervision
Turnkey modular solutions, hydroelectric and synchronous condenser projects

Electrical equipment life extension and modernization
Class 1 breaker reconditioning LV and MV
Solid-state LV trip unit retrofits and upgrades
LV air replacement breakers
MV vacuum replacement breakers
LV-VSR (breaker to motor starter replacements)
Upgrade equipment front door metering and relaying
Horizontal main bus upgrades
High resistance grounding systems
RPR-2 remote power racking systems


Turnkey solutions
Multi-vendor equipment supply chain
Supply of the complete range of Eaton products
Coordination and purchase of all third-party customer preferred components
Prefabricated control house
Modular collector substation
Utility grid management and monitoring systems
Demand management

Start-up and commissioning
Acceptance testing and installation certification
Ground fault certifications
Interconnect confirmation and commissioning
Utility integration
Warranty extension
Installation support and supervision
Start-up and training
Ground grid testing

Preventive and predictive maintenance
PM program design and implementation
Periodic testing and PM services
Thermographic survey
DC power systems
Predictive diagnostic / partial discharge
Transformer oil processing

Maintenance and emergency services
Complete scope of testing, repair and evaluation
Short/long-term maintenance contracts
24/7 remote monitoring support
Crisis response personnel dispatch
Monitoring of relaying, metering, HV, MV and LV equipment and transformers