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Six ways to help utilities advance grid reliability

Customer Success Stories

Indianapolis Power & Light Company
Eaton helped to support this power company upgrade its subsurface system. Using network protectors, arc flash safety solutions and communication and turnkey engineering they were able to replace the aging equipment and continue to provide safety and reliability to government agencies, banks, and other downtown-based businesses.

Eaton helps Portland General Electric make tomorrow’s smart grid a reality
Portland General Electric (PGE) needed to develop an energy storage system and customized solution for its new Salem Smart Power Center, a 5-megawatt energy storage demonstration facility.

Southeast Hydroelectric Facility
Eaton circuit protection expertise helps a southeast hydroelectric facility power the future

Aging Hydro Facility Needs Overhaul
An aging hydro generation facility needs an overhaul to assure economical operation for the decades to come.

Case Study: Otter Rapids Hydroelectric Station

Eaton proves that floodwaters can’t stop the music at Opryland
After two days of unrelenting rainfall in May 2010, the usually thriving Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Conference Center in Nashville was dark and deserted. Because of EESS service capabilities, the Opryland powerhouse was fully operational by the July 1st deadline.

Electric utility hydro facility modernization
Eaton’s complete overhaul of the controls systems enhances the ability of the utility to remotely monitor the condition and status of the generating plant.

Facility upgrades its automation and protection systems
Eaton was awarded a turnkey contract as the Electrical & Control Equipment (ECE) contractor to design, supply and install the upgraded protection and control systems for the facility.

Hydro facility upgrades its generation protection and control systems
The objective of this turnkey project was to upgrade the generation protection and control systems, automate the facility, provide remote operation from central dispatch and improve asset protection to increase reliability.

Hydro generation facility undergoes a successful upgrade
This project consisted of replacing many of the control systems while keeping the main infrastructure in place.

Hydroelectric facility upgrades by rehabilitating major equipment
Eaton was selected to provide a new electrical infrastructure for the plant which had not been in operation for 14 years.

Turnkey Solutions
Installation of a modern, Eaton system offers improved system service, plant availability and plant operating costs. Eaton’s turnkey approach enhances the protection of generators and turbines — saving millions of dollars.


Power Systems Studies, utility-focused
Power system studies to help you plan, manage and modernize your grid.

Generation line card - Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services & Systems
Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services & Systems is uniquely positioned to offer advanced solutions to support your design, engineering, construction, startup and generation system modernization needs.

Eaton Electrical Services & Systems offers a full-range of solutions to the hydroelectric industry
Eaton Electrical Services & Systems Hydroelectric capabilities

Eaton’s Turnkey Project Capabilities for the Hydroelectric market
North America’s hydroelectric plants are aging and reaching the end of their lifecycle. Increased governmental regulations, not to mention the cost and time factors for building new to meet electrical demand, makes modernization of these plants imperative.

Electrical Engineering Services & Solutions for Utilities Line card—transmission, substation and distribution offerings
Optimizing utility power systems to align with goals

Electrical balance of system for utility installations
Utility energy storage solutions

Power capacitor installation services
Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems power capacitors improve power system efficiency, and reduce electrical losses, peak demands, and CO2 emissions while maximizing generation, transformer, and feeder capacity from the point of application to the generator.

Eaton Electrical Services & Systems for Outage Support
It’s inevitable...utility generating plants experience planned and unplanned outages for a number of reasons, including equipment failure, maintenance, system upgrades and environmental compliance projects.

Power system engineering: Substation design
Eaton's Power System Engineering team is your partner to build, remodel or expand your substation. Our experience and North American coverage make Eaton the choice to serve your local or national needs.

Power capacitor installation services
Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems power capacitors improve power system efficiency, and reduce electrical losses, peak demands, and CO2 emissions while maximizing generation, transformer, and feeder capacity from the point of application to the generator.

Transformer installation services
One-hundred percent of Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems pad-mount and substation transformers are customized. These transformer cores and coils are designed and manufactured to provide optimum field performance.

Underground switchgear installation services
Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems underground distribution switchgear provides an environmentally preferred, safer, and more reliable approach to medium-voltage switching and protection.

Voltage regulator installation services
Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems voltage regulators include more than 50 years of voltage regulator know-how in design, application, training, and customer support.


Customer Success Stories

Switching transients study
Eaton Electrical Services & Systems conducted a switching transients study for a new “mega” data center that wanted to protect their six cast coil transformers against possible damaging switching transients caused by the switching of primary vacuum circuit breakers.


Electrical engineering services for data centers
Optimize your data center, maximize your investment

Modular substation installation services
Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS) is a factory-integrated design of an electrical power distribution substation assembled on a self-supporting structural base, or a D.O.T. compliant trailer for mobile applications.

Enterprise Data Center Solutions
Eaton solutions help you build a data center with targeted reliability, optimized efficiency and the ability to adapt to meet your most critical challengesnow and in the future. By viewing your data center as an integrated system, our experts can ensure interoperability that lowers your costs, reduces your risk and provides a safer environment throughout the life cycle of the data center.

250 kW Modular data center solution
Eaton’s unique approach to your new or expanding data center needs.

Electrical engineering services for data centers
Optimize your data center, maximize your investment

Eaton's stellar service comes through for Praxair
For years, the manufacturing plant had experienced unexpected, sudden shutdowns, but could not pinpoint the source until an Eaton® service representative came on-site.

White Paper

Guidelines for selecting a power and energy management system for DCIM
Because data centers are mission-critical facilities at the heart of today’s enterprises, the need to manage these complex operations has led to the development of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), a software tool that extends beyond traditional systems and network management approaches.


Customer Success Stories

Marathon Oil Company improves ESP system reliability with high resistance grounding
Apply high resistance grounding units to detect, identify and control hazardous ground fault conditions

Product Aids

High resistance grounding for oil production applications
Allows for continuous operation and increased safety during ground fault conditions.


Customer Success Stories

Addressing Arc Flash Safety on a University Campus
Here is an example of how Eaton’s PowerChain™ Management solutions helped a major Pennsylvania university achieve enhanced safety, risk mitigation and greater reliability.

Creating System Reliability On A University Campus


PowerChain Solutions for colleges and universities
Colleges and universities today are much more than quiet ivory towers. They are thriving hubs of fastpaced activity, where technology is transforming everyone’s expectations.