Automatic Tab Updater (ATU)

Automatic Tab Updater (ATU)


Due to technical difficulties, the ATU is no longer available for download. However, current users can still use and receive updates from the tool. We understand that many of you rely on this tool to deliver notifications of recent catalog updates; current catalog updates are displayed below for your convenience.
Click on the catalog to display all tabs, including a publication date that you can sort by to see the most recent uploads.

For channel partners

Stay informed of changes in the “What’s New” section on the home page, or visit the catalog page to download all current catalogs. Receive My.Eaton and Channel Partner notifications by registering at today or signing up today.

For consultants
Here you can find a wealth of resources, including the CAG and PSG. Sign up for Eaton’s Products, Services, and News emails for monthly updates, or Consultant and Engineer Newsletter for quarterly emails sent directly to your inbox.

On-the-go? Use Eaton’s POWEREDGE mobile app

Download Eaton’s POWEREDGE mobile app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems. POWEREDGE allows users to download catalogs, as well as save to “My Files” and email specific pages to your colleagues and customers.

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POWEREDGE offers Eaton’s comprehensive library of catalogs and product guides including everything that was on the ATU along with newer Eaton catalogs such as Lighting, IT Power Distribution, Wire and Cable Management and more.

POWEREDGE users can find the latest press releases along with tools, videos and Eaton’s locator tool.

Tools include:

  • Dry-Type Transformer Cross Reference
  • Electronics Cross Reference
  • Electronics Inductor Finder
  • Home Generator Sizing Calculator
  • IEC Power Control Selector
  • Series G Molded Case Circuit Breaker Selector
  • Selective Coordination Tool

Recently updated catalogs: