Flat Face Quick Disconnect Couplings


Flat Face Quick Disconnect Couplings

Advanced Flat Face Coupling Series

With the market demanding better performance and looking for ways to increase productivity while reducing downtime and maintenance costs, it is critical that fluid conveyance products work effectively in high pressure applications, but also work safely. Our newly redesigned Flat Face (FF) Quick Disconnect Couplings provide greater performance at higher pressures along with higher flow rates.

Eaton's Flat Face Series Quick Disconnect Couplings are designed to connect top performing hydraulic lines without fluid loss and offer increased pressures to help machine manufacturers meet market demand for high pressure and high impulse pressure solutions. The renewed flat faced quick disconnect couplings reduce pressure drops and decrease energy loss, resulting in lower fuel and energy consumption. Plus, Eaton's Guardian Seal nickel-free plating offers outstanding corrosion resistance in tough environments for up to 1,000 hours.

Common applications include agriculture, construction, vehicle truck, bus, railway, marine, on and offshore sites.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

Higher working  pressure - Exceeds +60% ISO  16028 with higher  operating pressure  up to 400 bar

  • Eaton’s FF couplings new  design has a top performing  pressure rating of 400 bar
  • 400 bar for static, steady  or non-pulsed applications  and 350 bar for ISO  pressure rating / Dynamic  application with moderate  hydraulic shocks
  • This provides a unique  solution on the market with high working pressure  and high safety factor.

Higher  flow rates - up to +74% flow rate than ISO 16028 standards

  • New advanced Flat  Face coupling offers top  performing flow rates in the market.
  • With up to 40% higher  flow rates when compared  to previous versions, this  newly design FF coupling  significantly reduces fuel / energy  consumption.

A whole new  level of corrosion resistance - Up to 1000 hours  corrosion resistance  with environment  friendly coating  (nickel free)

  • Up to 3x more protection  compared to previous  generations of zinc plating
  • Is proven to protect against  red corrosion to a minimum  of 720 hours.
  • An environmentally friendly  “Greener” plating solution:
    • Nickel-free  Solvent-free
    • Meets Global RoHS, ELV  and REACH requirements

Connect under pressure up to 350 bars - Connect under  residual pressure  up to 350 bar

  • Eaton's Flat Face alternative  design plug coupling  connects under pressure (CUP) up to 350 Bar
  • No de-pressuring is needed  with tools, Eaton’s patented  relief valve releases  residual pressure
  • Low residual application?  Connect under pressure  up to 50 bar with standard Flat Face coupling!

Product Features

The Eaton Flat Face Coupling new design improves performance and enables customers to use it in a wide variety of applications.

They offer flexible end connections with a wide and complete range of solutions and unlimited possibilities - materials, seals, end connections, CUP, sizes, color coding - to perfectly fit all customer needs. They range from ¼ inch to 2 inches in body size and all end connections are available.


The couplings are designed with a simple and very effective color coding system to avoid line crossing. The optional rings are very robust and easy to install with dedicated insert tools. Color rings are a flexible accessory that comes assembled or unassembled. Eaton`s FF couplings are systematically marked with a complete part number, date code and EATON logo for a perfect identification.

The Flat Face series is standard and equipped with a  sleeve lock feature, the operator needs to match  the notch with the ball to be able to disconnect.

Versatility of laser marking also allows easy private labelling and/or customer identification (part number, etc.). Eaton`s FF couplings offers a three-year warranty.

Technical Information


  1. Exceeds ISO 16028 with higher  operating pressure up to 400 bar
  2. Exhibits higher flow rates
  3. Very high corrosion resistance
  4. Design versatility
  5. Connect under residual pressure

        Max Operating Pressure (Connected) Rated Flow for 1 bar pressure drop
FF Family Part Number ISO Size Body Size Nominal Flow Diameter Static * Dynamic **
(mm) (in) (mm) (bar) (bar) (lpm)
6FF 6.3 1/4" 7.5 400 350 18
10FF 10 3/8" 10.4 400 350 40
12FF 12.5 1/2" 12.3 400 350 77
16FF 16 5/8" 12.6 400 350 82
19FF 19 3/4" 15.1 400 350 114
25FF 25 1" 19.4 400 350 184
32FF - 1 1/4" 22.1 300 300


40FF - 1 1/2" 30.1 300 300 450
50FF - 2" 39.2 300 300 700

*steady or non-pulsed applications
**ISO pressure rating / Dynamic application with moderate hydraulic shocks

Literature Library:

Multinational Metals and Mining Company- CSS
Success Stories:

Multinational Metals and Mining Company
Eaton's Flat Face Series quick disconnect couplings increase machine uptime by approximately three percent.

Eaton Flat Face couplings sales brochure

Flat Face Quick Disconnect Couplings brochure
With higher working pressures, higher flow rates, the newly redesigned Flat Face Quick Disconnect Couplings offer many competitive advantages. Learn more.


Quick Disconnect Couplings Master Catalog

Quick Disconnect Couplings Master Catalog
For more than 90 years, Eaton has continued to manufacture and supply the highest performing quick disconnect couplings globally for many different market segments including agriculture, construction, transportation, and fire and rescue just to name a few. Read this catalog to learn more.

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