EH Series Electrohydraulic Cylinder

Eaton EH Series Electrohydraulic Cylinder

Eaton electrohydraulic cylinder

Simplify your supply chain with a complete industrial electrohydraulic (EH) cylinder solution. Eaton electrohydraulic cylinders combine a high-performance cylinder, precision feedback transducer and control valve mount in one package. For advanced closed-loop motion control, Eaton valves can be mounted onto the configured cylinder and adjusted to customer specifications.

By integrating all components, Eaton’s electrohydraulic cylinder eliminates the need for a separate hydraulic manifold, plumbing between the control valve and cylinder, transducer mounting bracket and other complex configurations. The result is a single-sourced solution that offers significant cost savings over custom assemblies. In addition, Eaton EH cylinders can: 

  • Save time: Simplified plumbing and electrical connections, along with the programmability of the AxisPro valve, eliminates repetitive set-ups
  • Eliminate waste: Infinite positioning with high repeatability can improve yield in the production cycle
  • Increase production: Programmable motion control enables faster cycles than conventional hydraulic circuitry

Eaton electrohydraulic cylinders are offered in NFPA tie rod, mill duty, welded or threaded styles, and are available with a range of mountings, bore sizes, rod diameters, accessories and control valves, including Eaton proportional, servo, directional control and AxisPro valves.

Common applications include:

  • Press manufacturing
  • Alternative energy
  • Forestry
  • Civil
  • Oil and gas
  • Processing
  • Aerospace 

Product Features

    • Machined manifold: Allows mounting of valve directly on cylinder cap. This eliminates leaks and piping problems and enables simplified installation and maintenance.
    • Precision solid state position transducer: Generates digital or analog output feedback. Magnetostrictive design eliminates mechanical contact in operation.
    • Optional cast aluminum cover: Protects transducer head from environmental and physical damage.
    • Piston rod: Case hardened, hard chrome-plated piston rod in a variety of diameters between 1 and 5.5 inches (25.4 mm – 139.7 mm) provides maximum durability and extends seal life. Several different rod end types are available.
    • Rod cartridge assembly: Machined to maximum bearing support and wear resistance. Unitized, threadless assembly is pilot-fitted into the head on a precision bored diameter to assure true concentricity. Rod wearband prevents metal-to-metal contact and extends rod seal life.
    • Piston sealing system: Offers a selection of highly efficient seal materials as well as an extra wide wearband that rides smoothly within the precision-honed cylinder body to provide extended piston seal life.
    • Precision steel heads and caps: Provides truly flat and parallel mounting surfaces and ensures correct alignment of tubing and rod cartridge.

Technical information

Bore size 1.5” – 8” (38.1 mm – 203.2 mm)
Stroke length 0” – 99” (0 mm – 2514.6 mm)
Operating pressure 3,000 PSI (210 bar)
Mounting options 7
Transducer options Balluff, MTS
Manifold options SM 4-20, CTOP 3, CTOP 5
Valve options Proportional, Directional, AxisPro
Customized options Yes


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