XL Series Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

XL Series Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Experience the unmatched global capabilities of Eaton’s large-scale XL Series custom hydraulic cylinders.

Eaton’s XL series hydraulic cylinders have been deployed on applications exposed to some of the world’s most brutal conditions, including offshore oil exploration, mining, mineral processing, and hydropower dams. Our large selection of specialty coatings combined with cylinder manufacturing capability up to 22 meter stroke lengths makes Eaton one of the premier XL hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in the world. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or have cylinder service, repair or overhaul needs, we can collaborate with your team to provide a dependable, custom engineered solution.

Why You Should Work with Eaton

  • XL hydraulic cylinder global manufacturing, testing, and unmatched service and cylinder repair capabilities
  • Experienced project management teams to support the design, manufacturing, testing and implementation of your system
  • World class quality and on-time cylinder delivery

Technical Information

  • Bore sizes to 59 in/1,500 mm
  • Stroke sizes to 866 in/22,000 mm
  • Hydraulic pressure ratings to 10,000 psi/690 bar
  • Pneumatic pressure ratings to 250 psi/17 bar

Cylinder Rod Coating Solutions

Our comprehensive line of application based coatings offers a broad range of hydraulic cylinder rod coating options. We can help select the rod coating solution that provides the perfect balance of wear and corrosion resistance to meet your specific application needs:


XL Hydraulic Cylinder Applications:

  • Oil & Gas - Wire Line Riser Tensioners, Lifting Cylinders, Active Heave Compensators, Crown Mounted Compensators
  • Marine- Split Barge Cylinders, Piling Barge Cylinders, Dump Scowl Cylinders, Jacking Cylinders
  • Hydropower and Civil Engineering - Rising Stem Valve Cylinders, Locks and Gate Cylinders, Servomotors, Bridge Cylinders
  • Mining and Bulk Material Handling- Stacker Reclaimers, Excavators, Rope Shovels, Crushers
  • Heavy Industry- Screwdown Cylinders. Extrusion Cylinders, Press Cylinders, Tilt Furnace Cylinders

Featured Literature

Success Stories:

When competitive cylinder rod coatings failed, customer turned to Eaton for help.
When the cylinder coating cracked and flaked in its corrosive work environment, the customer turned to Eaton for help.

Eaton Cylinders Fit the Mold at THT Presses
THT Presses of Dayton, Ohio, is relying on Eaton's largebore XL cylinders for use on its innovative vertical casting machines.

Eaton Cylinders Have Weighty Role in Florida Bridge Replacement Projects    Willingness to bridge the gap between standard product designs and exacting customer requirements enabled a truly unique cylinder solution with exceptional performance for two Florida coastal bridges.

Eaton XL Cylinders Selected for Vietnam Dam Project
With the assistance of products from Eaton, a dam in Central Vietnam is effectively regulating saltwater intrusion during dry weather and maintaining river transport.

Eaton's Hydraulics Operations Locks Up First Civil Construction Project with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Eaton provided  hydraulic XL cylinders and hydraulic controls for the rehabilitation of locks on the Upper Mississippi River near Keokuk, Iowa.

Emsworth Locks and Dams Overhaul
Eaton XL Series Cylinders play a vital role in ensuring reliable navigation on the upper Ohio River.

Eaton XL Cylinders helping to protect Japan’s Shinano River  
Eaton XL Cylinders aid flood control along Japan’s Shinano River and support critical irrigation infrastructure for agriculture.

Panama Canal Lock upgrade   
Eaton XL cylinders help to upgrade the canal’s water-flow control system and boost canal’s transit capacity of Panama Canal

Eaton XL Cylinders are the right fit for SMS Demag   
Eaton’s global support, technical expertise win cylinder order from SMS Demag



Controlled actuation on giant operations with Eaton's XL cylinders  Making some of the world’s largest cylinders, designed to perform reliably and precisely in the face of nature’s demanding environments

Industry leading extra-large cylinder service and repair  Our global 24/7 repair team, with decades of experience, will quickly assess your cylinder performance and recommend the best solution for your specific application.

Eaton custom XL cylinders for bridges and gates  Read how Civil Engineering installations require actuation system solutions that are tailored to the physical and environmental characteristics of each specific site.

Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding for hydraulic cylinders  Anti-corrosion protection is an important requirement for high-functioning cylinders. Eatonite laser cladding is a high-performance, field repairable, third-party certified, cylinder rod coating for the most demanding salt water applications. To lean more visit the  Eatonite Laser Cladding website here


Configure Product

Eaton Cylinder Configurator Tool  Our easy to use cylinder selection and drawing tool helps you specify Hydro-Line and Vickers cylinder configurations and gives you immediate access to 2D & 3D CAD drawings, list pricing, pdf datasheets, application guides, calculation tools, and lead-times for a variety of cylinders. Click here to learn more

Find the exact product configuration that meets your needs with the Eaton product configurator. The configurator allows easy manipulation to create a product that meets your specifications from end-to-end.

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