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Pro-FX Control and Configure Software

End users are demanding more from their equipment. They want machines that can intelligently sense and dynamically respond to conditions as they change – automating critical decision-making in order to achieve better safety, performance and productivity. Machines that interact, adapt and learn aren’t a vision for tomorrow; they’re a requirement for today.

And no other company can help you deliver on customer demand for more responsive, dynamic machines like Eaton.

Introducing a smarter way to design, engineer and build smarter machines.

Featuring easy-to-use software and a robust library of pre-programmed development tools, Eaton’s Pro-FX Technology Platform streamlines application development and simplifies hardware setup, empowering you to build safer, smarter machines more quickly and efficiently. Unlike proprietary systems that handcuff you to a single supplier, Pro-FX is an open platform that uses industry-standard languages and protocols, giving you greater flexibility and enabling you to integrate components and sub-systems faster and easier.

Experience a smarter control solution that delivers game-changing benefits. Experience the Pro-FX Technology Platform.


Addresses these common software development challenges:

  • Offering differentiated solutions and driving revenue in an increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Proprietary systems that require specialized development resources
  • Software solutions that only support one or two languages, limiting the ability to develop more sophisticated control applications
  • Hardware changes that make machine calibration costly and time-consuming 

Product Features

  • Open, non-proprietary platform – Pro-FX Control is based on a standard global development environment, making it easier to integrate other machine sub-systems, add advanced functionality and find qualified programming resources
  • Robust library of pre-programmed development tools – Built using sophisticated algorithms, Eaton’s development tools automatically scale inputs and outputs, eliminating the need to build code from scratch and accelerating application development
  • Supports six different languages – Pro-FX Control supports the six standard languages defined by IEC 61131-3, giving you the flexibility to choose the method best suited to your needs
  • Industry-standard protocols – Pro-FX Control features both CANopen and J1939, two of the most widely used communication protocols in the industry
  • Electronic customization – With Pro-FX Configure, your engineers can test and tune Eaton’s Pro-FX Ready™ products in just minutes, versus manual processes that can take months
  • Easier inventory management – Instead of ordering and stocking customized hardware, you can order basic configurations of Pro-FX Ready products off-the-shelf and easily customize them as needed by customer or application
  • Intuitive user interface – The completely redesigned Pro-FX Configure features an intuitive, highly visual interface, helping engineers set application-specific parameters more quickly
  • One tool for all connected products – Unlike competitors that have different tools for different products, Pro-FX Configure works seamlessly with all Pro-FX Ready products, offering a consistent experience that reduces training and setup time

Technical Information

All current (and previous) software releases for Pro-FX Control and Pro-FX Configure can be located in the Software Download center.

Featured Library:

CMA success stories image
Success Stories:

Phoenix Curb Machine

Eaton and Spencer Fluid Power developed a next-generation controller utilizing Eaton’s electronic controls and Pro-FX software to operate exclusively with Phoenix series curb machines.

CMA brochure

Pro-FX Technology Brochure
Overview of Eaton Electronic Controls, Visual Displays, and Pro-FX Software

Articles & White Papers

The Case for Deep Integration
By Paul Brenner, Chris Cole, David Strohsack
The key driving force in the evolution of deep integration is embedded electronics – the sensors, software, and controls built into devices. The increased use of embedded electronics is often called the "smart machine movement," as it has enabled conventional devices such as pumps and motors to apply intelligence in accomplishing tasks.

What is an open platform?
By Evan Artis
Customization opportunities have become more prevalent with software developed using an open platform concept. With this approach, software is developed with accessible standards and can be modified to function in different ways or integrated with existing applications to enhance functionality.



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