Eaton VFX Programmable Visual Displays

CLS100, CLS180, CLS250 & CLS350 Sectional Mobile Valves

Eaton VFX programmable displays are an essential part of the smarter machine movement, enabling sophisticated connectivity and control while simplifying the design process and operator experience. With smarter software tools and a growing library of pre-programmed visual elements, VFX programmable displays help shortcut development and speed time to market – empowering you to create customized displays faster than ever before. Plus, VFX displays are engineered to perform and built to last in the most demanding environments and applications, helping your customers get more work done more efficiently.

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Product Features

Smarter software that speeds development and time to market.

  • Open-platform software development tool – VFX displays are programmed using Pro-FX Control, a tool based on IEC 61131-3, making it easier to find qualified resources and develop customized functionality
  • Growing library of pre-programmed visual elements – Access to 300+ pre-built graphical elements such as icons, dials and gauges shortcuts and simplifies front-end application development
  • Industry-standard protocols – VFX displays support both CANopen and J1939, two of the most widely used communication protocols in the mobile hydraulics industry
  • Active user forum – Eaton’s Pro-FX user forum offers troubleshooting and ongoing knowledge-sharing for a variety of VFX-related topics, helping you and your team resolve development challenges more quickly

More design flexibility that helps you meet more customer needs.

  • Choice of six programming languages – VFX displays can be programmed in the six standard languages defined by IEC 61131-3, giving you the freedom and flexibility to develop advanced capabilities in the programming language that best suits your objectives
  • Two configurable CAN channels – VFX displays come with two software-configurable CAN channels for greater application flexibility
  • Removable bezel – VFX displays have a removable bezel for greater mounting flexibility
  • Two screen sizes – Available in 4.3” and 7” sizes to help your design team meet the needs of virtually any customer application

Sophisticated functionality that promotes greater productivity.

  • Intuitive user interface – Eaton’s full-color graphics and exceptional screen resolution help operators visualize information more quickly, enhancing focus and productivity
  • Projective capacitive technology  – Enables the displays to sense touch commands for better ease of use
  • Dynamic diagnostics and decision-making – VFX displays replace mechanical levers and switches with a highly visual interface that greatly enhances operator experience
  • Predictive, preventive maintenance – System alerts using intuitive icons can help operators predict problems before they happen, eliminating the guesswork of error messages and minimizing downtime

Rugged construction that’s proven to perform in any environment.

  • Optically bonded display – Specially secured protective glass helps eliminate condensation build-up and glare, providing best-in-class viewability
  • Powerful backlight – Enables easy readability from every angle, even in total sunlight, helping ensure safer, more productive operations
  • Wide operating temperature range – VFX displays are designed for temperatures from -40° to 85°C, ensuring they’ll perform in nearly every application
  • IP67 ingress protection – VFX displays have the high levels of ingress protection against water and dust, making them ideal for the toughest, harshest environments
  • Superior service life – VFX displays are engineered to last for 10,000-15,000 hours (7-10 years), minimizing warranty issues and enhancing your reputation for quality

Certified distribution partners for expert controls integration.

  • World-class electronic controls capabilities – If you don’t have the resources or expertise in-house, our highly trained integration partners can provide everything from customized display development to complete control system integration
  • More partners in more places – Growing network of certified integrators across the country ensures there’s local expertise almost anywhere you need it
  • Eaton-certified and Eaton-standardized – Every integrator is regularly trained and certified by Eaton, ensuring they’re up to date on the latest products, practices and industry standards

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