Pneumatic caliper brakes

steel-adapters In partnership with Coremo Ocmea, Eaton offers a complete range of pneumatic caliper brakes, including air-actuated, spring-applied/failsafe and dual (combined air- and spring-applied) brakes. With a legacy of meticulous design, high-quality components and a reliable production process, our caliper brakes offer:
  • Fast response time for maximum safety
  • Long lifetime and simple maintenance for reduced machine downtime

Eaton pneumatic caliper brakes offer a solution for the safety requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. Air-actuated brakes are ideal for service stops and tensioning applications, while spring-applied/failsafe brakes are ideal for emergency and/or parking applications. Dual brakes are ideal for applications that require both continuous and emergency braking simultaneously, eliminating the need for two separate brakes.

Common applications include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Entertainment

Product Features

  • Spheroidal graphite cast iron body and aluminum thruster
  • Optional wear indicator and on/off indicator device
  • A wide range of friction materials is available to meet customer needs
  • Suitable for different disc thicknesses
  • Simple, fast manual wear compensation
  • Easy and quick replacement of pad carriers
  • Clamping force range meets the conditions required by various applications
  • Custom paints, coatings and treatments are available for extreme environments

Technical Information

  Pneumatic caliper brakes – air applied Pneumatic caliper brakes – spring applied Dual pneumatic caliper brakes
Maximum pressure

6 bar

6 bar

6 bar

Release pressure


6 bar

5 bar

Minimum braking force

148 N

970 N


Maximum braking force

36600 N

32000 N


Body material

Spheroidal graphite cast iron

Spheroidal graphite cast iron

Spheroidal graphite cast iron

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Eaton Coremo pneumatic caliper brakes brochure


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