HP50 Hydraulic Track Motor

HP50 Motor

Eaton’s HP50 track motor’s direct drive can reliably meet the growing trend of higher top speed and horsepower transfer while providing high volumetric and mechanical efficiency. With exceptional starting torque and low heat generation, this motor will get the job done no matter how much rigor is put on the machine.

Common applications include compact tracked skid steer loaders (CTLs), skid steer loaders, harvesters, augers, forestry equipment, grinders and mixers, horizontal/vertical drilling, material handling, metal forming, and sprayers.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Stands up to harsh environments due to dual cone seal design
  • Built on a robust bearings and drive frame work to withstand high impact loads of CTLs
  • Proven reliability in high-speed mode (compared to other motors in its class)
  • Improved productivity at higher speeds
  • A Geroler® motor with two speed capabilities
  • Cost effective alternative to radial piston technology

Product Features

  • High Power Density
  • High Starting Torque Efficiency
  • Low No Load Pressure Drop
  • Cost Effective
  • Integrated back pressure relief valve
  • Integrated shuttle valve
  • Rotating sprocket drive housing
  • Duo cone exclusion seal
  • High-capacity bearings
  • Optional speed sensing capability

Technical Information

  • A high pressure (6000 psi) and high flow (70 GPM) Geroler motor
  • Displacement: 42.5 – 95 in3/r (696 - 1557 cm3/r )
  • Torque: Up to 50,000 in lbs. (5649 Nm)
  • Two Speed capabilities with option of Spring Applied Hydraulic Brake

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HP50 Brochure
The HP50 track motor delivers the perfect combination of greater productivity, improved efficiency, and excellent reliability at an exceptional value. Read this brochure to learn more.


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Take an inside look at Eaton’s new HP50 Geroler motor and learn what sets apart this track drive motor from other motors for Compact Track Loaders (CTLs).

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The market for compact track loaders (CTL) has been growing fast thanks to the product's versatility and performance. As these machines move towards higher speeds and horsepower, which motor design reigns superior? Attendees of this presentation will learn how recent advancements in direct-drive motor technology are producing smarter, more efficient CTLs.



Experience HP50

CTL Motor Challenge
Direct-drive motors offer significant advantages, especially in terms of starting torque, heat generation and reliability. Eaton’s HP50 Geroler motor meets all of these needs in the market at a cost that is lower than radial-piston technology and more durable than two stage motors. Experience a two-speed motor that allows you to get the job done quickly by providing the starting torque needed to reverse with a load. 
CTL Motor Challenge
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Eaton’s New HP50 Hydraulic Track Motor Features Exceptional Starting Torque and Low Heat Generation to Keep Equipment Up and Running

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