Low-Speed, High-Torque (LSHT) Motors - Geroler

Eaton is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in Low-Speed, High-Torque (LSHT) hydraulic motor technology with our Char-Lynn® product line. With a design based on the Orbit Principle in which an internal gear rotates inside of an external fixed gear, these gerotor motors are known for their reliable high-power density, modularity and economic design.

Each of the three Char-Lynn Geroler motor product lines include a wide variety of available displacements customizable specifically for application needs.

  • Spool valve motors: J-motor, H-motor, S-motor, T-motor, T-brake
  • Disc valve motors: 2000 Series, 4000 Series, 4000 Compact Series, Delta, 6000 Series, 10,000 Series
  • HP and VIS (Valve in Star) motors: HP30, HP50, VIS 40, VIS 45