L2 Series Pump

L2-Aluminum-Gear-Pumps The Eaton Series L2 pump motor utilizes a proven design, featuring a B pad mounting flange that allows for higher pressure applications. The L2 pump motor also provides improved volumetric and mechanical efficiency for increased power output and flow.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven Design
    • Decades of machine use on various applications
    • B pad mounting flange allows for higher pressure applications
  • Improved Efficiency
    • Improved bearing lubrication system uses inlet oil instead of high pressure oil, improving volumetric efficiency for more power output
    • The highly polished shaft and gears improve mechanical efficiency and reduce wear on these components, adding to the service life and reliability of the pump.
    • The optimized trapped oil relief areas help reduce pressure ripple for quieter operation. This also decreases the input power requirements.

Technical Information

  • Rotation: CCW or CW
  • Mounting Flange: SAE B 2 Bolt
  • Maximum Continuous Pressure: 248 bar [3600 PSI]*
  • Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 276 bar [4000 PSI]**
  • Minimum Speed at Continuous Pressure: 750 RPM
  • Maximum Rotating Torque at 0 Pressure: 4 Nm [36 lb-in]
  • Maximum Continuous Inlet Pressure: 107°C [225°F]
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -29°C [-20°F]
  • Maximum Inlet Vacuum at Operating Condition: 6.0 In. Hg

* 46.7 [2.85] displacement maximum continuous pressure is 224 bar [3250 PSI] 51.1 [3.12] displacement maximum continuous pressure is 207 bar [3000 PSI] 55.2 [3.37] displacement maximum continuous pressure is 190 bar [2750 PSI] ** 46.7 [2.85] displacement maximum intermittent pressure is 252 bar [3650 PSI] 51.1 [3.12] displacement maximum intermittent pressure is 234 bar [3400 PSI] 55.2 [3.37] displacement maximum intermittent pressure is 217 bar [3150 PSI]

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L2 Gear Pump – Single Unit
L2 Gear Pump – Multiple Unit


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