M Vane Motors

M-Vane-Motors High-speed, high-pressure Eaton M Series vane motors are field-proven to provide years of successful operation in elevator scraper drives, hydrostatic drives and many more auxiliary applications. They feature inlet/outlet ports that can be pressurized simultaneously while maintaining smooth operation.

Product Features

  • Dual-pressure plate increases operational efficiency
  • Diametrically opposed inlet and outlet chambers reduce wear
  • Modular design permits greater serviceability
  • Low inertia of rotating parts results in smooth operation
  • Flange or foot mounting options allow for application flexibility

Technical Information

  • Displacement Range: 21.6 cc - 317.1 cc {1.32 in - 19.35 in}
  • Pressures up to 175 bar (2,500 psi) (size dependent)
  • Rated Speeds up to 4,000 rpm
  • Torque Range up to 119–847 Nm (1,050 to 7,500 lb-in)
  • Heavy duty shaft bearing is also available

Featured Literature

Eaton Vane Products Brochure

Eaton Vane Products Brochure
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Vane Pump and Motor Catalog
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Vickers Vane Motors  Thumbnail

Technical Guides:

Vickers Vane Motors 25M, 35M, 45M and 50M -20 Design
This manual has been prepared to assist the users of Vickers high performance vane motors in properly installing, maintaining and repairing their units. The vane motors are described in detail and their theory of operation is discussed, in addition to instructions for installation, maintenance and overhaul.

Vickers Vane Motors 25M and 26M -20 Design

Vickers Vane Motors 35M and 36M -20 Design

Vickers Vane Motors 45M and 46M -20 Design

Vickers Vane Motors 50M -20 Design


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